Disaster Recovery In Fort Lauderdale: The Alliance Between Sap And Microsoft

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Microsoft and SAP have dabbled with different technical alliances for over 20 years. In 1997, the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, spoke to 3000 participants from about 25 countries. He stressed the crucial role that SAP plays in the alliance. He stated that no other brand has had such an impact on the development of products at Microsoft.

In 1993, SAP was already cooperating with Microsoft with a goal of working on SAP R/3. These software giants also collaborated in 2006 with a joint product duet. To solidify the relationship between both brands, SAP employees use products from Microsoft, and the back office of Microsoft is built on SAP architecture. Both companies have been helpful to law firms who handle disaster recovery in Fort Lauderdale.

SAP ERP also runs on Windows server, and the combination accounts for the notable portion of SAP ERP community base. In November 2017, both companies announced the beginning of an era and a partnership. This didn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Also, the Wall Street Journal suggests that this arrangement could impact Microsoft’s $22 billion shares of computing resources renting positively.

It could also help provide resources for law firms that handle disaster recovery in Fort Lauderdale. The partnership will support the SAP HANA platform, and it will be installed on Microsoft Azure. Such integrations will help simplify work between cloud solutions of SAP and Microsoft office 365.

Even though SAP has its dedicated cloud-based hosting offering, this partnership will provide rapid deployment solution for SAP across production scenarios and dev-test on what is called an all-inclusive cloud platform. This will provide and unparalleled performance for the largest SAP HANA and SAP workloads.

When this article was written, customers using SAP on Azure included Coats, Accenture, Malaysia Airlines, PACT Group, Mosaic, Tate & Lyle and Rockwell Automation.

What role does Amazon AWS play?

The CEO of SAP, Bill McDermott stated that the company was taking the partnership to another level with the new plan to run SAP HANA in Microsoft Azure. He also said that many well-known businesses trust both brands. And promises that the partnership will help brands win the growth revolution.

The agreement between both parties has made SAP to give preferential treatment to Azure over the rivals like Amazon. Earlier in the year, Amazon’s AWS was in the forefront of cloud-based offerings and has dominated this area since 2006. Estimates suggest that the AW market share is merely 23% when grouped with Google, Microsoft, and IBM. However, Microsoft has taken the lead under the CEO, Satya’s lead. The company is building a massive cloud network using Azure.

Google has built his public cloud service under Google cloud platform. The Google cloud platform, Amazon AWS, and Azure offer similar functions and share all common features of a public cloud.