Disaster Recovery Services In West Palm Beach: Dropbox Releases New Features

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Don’t worry about transferring files from your local storage to another and concentrate on work; this tends to be the new tagline of Dropbox for the latest features it just introduced: Smart Sync and Showcase. This new feature has a lot to offer when it comes to storage space.

The feature has promised to provide you with unlimited storage space and to get rid of your worries over limited storage space. In this article, you will be able to learn more about the new features of Dropbox and how it can benefit disaster recovery services in West Palm Beach.

You Longer Have to Worry About Storage Space

With the latest advances in technology, people no longer have to regularly remove, reorganize, or relocate files stored on their local hard drive just because they don’t have enough free space and they want to create more storage space. There are some newly launched plans by Dropbox known as Dropbox Professional. This plan is aimed at legal/law firms. This new plan comes with a new and amazing feature called Smart Sync. With this amazing feature (Smart Sync), you can select any folder or file that is stored in the Dropbox folder in the local storage on your PC and immediately send the folder or file to the cloud, hence proving you with more storage space on your computer.

One great benefits of this new feature is that all your folders and files stored online will still be visible on your computer; this enables you to conveniently access your files and folder, unlike before when you have to go online in order to access your online files and folders. This feature still makes your files and folders visible of your system, but it does not occupy any space on your system. You can do those files and folders whatever you can do to your normal files. You can preview them, remove them, or edit them from your PC. This is a great feature that will be very useful to disaster recovery services in West Palm Beach.

There are also other features it possesses like advanced sharing controls which also allows you to remotely wipe your device, priority support, viewer history that is detailed, and expiring and password protected shared links.


One other great feature of Dropbox’s new plan is Showcase. Rather than arranging your files in a local folder, you can now organize your files on a branded page with customized visual preview, captions, layouts, and make them visible online. This branded page that is like PowerPoint is a tremendous tool for legal/law firms that want to make their services visible to potential clients. This feature also allows you to see who viewed your files, and how they interacted with the file.