Disaster Recovery Services West Palm Beach Will Improve With Better Animal-To-Human Communication

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It is quite heartwarming to hear that people will soon be able to talk to their pets and also understand them. It will be wonderful to be able to listen to your pets just like you listen to your kids. Sometimes, it is a traumatic situation for pet owners when their pet is obviously in pain but cannot explain exactly how it feels. This will leave the owner to engage in a trial by error session.

All that will come to an end soon if this project succeeds. Even Small Business owners can be able to send their dogs on simple errands when they can understand the dogs better. A professor it-disastery-recovery-improves-with-human-and-animal-communicationemeritus of Biology at Northern Arizona University has been working on the project for the past three decades.

He is using animal behavioral patterns and their responses to capture what they really mean by each gesture. He is linking all these to an artificial intelligence startup. His aim is to develop a tool with which human will understand what their pets are saying. He has started with dogs. When he follows that through, he can now do the same with goats, pigs, cows, cats, horses, and even wild animals.

He has decided to name this tool Zoolingua. He has found enough pointers to the fact that animals have languages of their own and he is working on the language. Zoolingua will be built in English. So, with the use of the tool, whatever your dog says, it will be translated to you in English. You will no longer have to guess anymore.

The research started with the analysis of the calls of prairie dogs because these calls contain certain complex language. This project is being carried out in conjunction with a computer scientist. The device will also be able to translate dogs’ communication in English words using the combination of cloud computing and artificial intelligent technology.

It is rather unfortunate that millions of animals are being euthanized every year in the US mainly because of their behavioral problems which are in turn caused by dogs’ lack of ability to communicate their needs to humans. Well, these killing will be reduced drastically once dogs can communicate better.

This device will not only show people that dogs really talk and listen, it will also improve disaster recovery services West Palm Beach because a lot of animals die during disasters mainly because there is no proper communication between pets and their owners.

The device will also let you know that animals do have their own thoughts and opinions. It is a normal practice during recovery services West Palm Beach for people and animals to gather together at a stipulated point during a disaster like wild fire, so as to be counted. Unfortunately, this is where some animals get lost or left behind because of the communication barrier between animals and emergency officials. This will change if the device sees light of day.

According to the project owner, the work should be concluded between two and five years from now depending on the availability of funds.