What Effect Will Data Transmission Costs Challenges Have On Law Firms?

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Now that the companies that are responsible for the facilitation of content delivery are taking a closer look at their economic models, IT support for law practices find themselves wondering what comes next. When data is delivered from the centers that are responsible for its storage to the end user, certain transmission charges take place.data-storage

The cloud operators are the ones who are responsible for these charges. These companies are finally looking to break these chains and will soon be offering peering arrangements to the customers who are typically affected by these fees.  The Bandwidth Alliance is the name of this union and their objective is to offer the same transfers as before at no cost.

This news comes as a major surprise to law firms and IT support for law practices who were relying on the storage of key information. Enterprise customers like these had often been saddled with high fees. This reality forced many law firms into lasting relationships with various service providers that were not exactly beneficial to both parties.

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The new pricing structure will make it easier for law firms who are looking to lower their data storage/delivery prices and it will also make life easier for the cloud operators who are going to be assisting them. There are those who have noticed that Amazon Web Services is not being included among all of these cloud computing subsidiaries.

As a result, there are those who do not believe that the Bandwidth Alliance is going to be able to become the disruptor that they envision themselves to be….but only time will tell. The ten founding members are nothing to sneeze at, though. IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure are among the members that have already joined up.

Google Cloud’s direct connections are going to be used and the rates have been slashed significantly. While the CDN Connect program that Google is currently using is offering a 75 percent discount on data transfers, the Google Cloud connection will be used at rates that are far below.

Law firms benefit from these changes because they are able to reduce the costs that they experience. From there, these savings are then passed down to the clients that they are assisting. The costs that were once baked into the margins for law firms can now be removed and this allows firms to make a wide range of other necessary improvements.

After all, isn’t that what it is all about? By cutting costs, law firms have the chance to increase their market share. Lowering the costs of data transfers is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Amazon Web Services may be the global leader at this current moment but a wide range of other companies are looking to put a stop to their dominance.