Enjoying Easy Access To VoIP Solutions For Business In Fort Lauderdale Through Partnership

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Actually, it can be quite challenging to use a VoIP connection mainly for the purpose of faxing. This is simply because fax data needs to be transmitted in the actual time of occurrence. Transmitting over IP will require a compression of the data. Unfortunately, this can result in a failure to send faxes and also lead to the loss of packets. For a truly effective VoIP-powered faxing, services firms demanding reliable fax services may need to source assistance from sector specialists. Before now, this is the only way to obtain effective VoIP solutions for business in Fort Lauderdale.

Already, there is a collaboration going on between Telinta and T38Fax. This is basically a solvable move aimed at meeting the needs of VoIP services firms seeking easy and better means of voip-services-and-solutions-for-business-west-palm-beach-fort-lauderdaleemploying the TeliCore softswitch platform to provide IP-based fax services. With this, VoIP service providers can effectively make use of the Telinta hosted softswitch platform to carry out easy configuration works on T38Fax’s origination and termination.

In order to effectively provide firms with an efficient fax over IP (FoIP) call origination and termination, the company seeks to provide fax-optimized SIP trunks designed by industry professionals. With this, customers will no longer require analogue lines to seamlessly access fax and voice services. Like faxing over traditional PSTN lines, this new service (T38Fax’s Power-T.38) is one of several remarkable VoIP solutions for business in Fort Lauderdale established to enable users to achieve consistent and stable reliability.

The TeliCore softswitch platform which is basically designed to integrate switching and billing capabilities into the Telinta VoIP solutions is designed as carrier-grade Class 4 and Class 5 that can be used to configure the FoIP service. According to Darren Nickerson, President of T38Fax, it is just an ideal complement to the company’s hosted billing and switching platform. VoIP services firms can be able to use this fax solution to offer a better and more inclusive service to clients.

While any problems related to fax transmissions will be effectively handled by their support team, he further stated that service providers will be able to use the service offered be the Power-T.38 to provide instant reliable FoIP to their customers. Upon their first monthly invoice, a $400 credit will be offered to every T38Fax customer who signs up for the new service with Telinta. While a 20% discount will be made available for Telinta customers signing up for the new service with T38Fax.

As part of its new features, T38Fax has already made ECM Error Correction available for service providers. Without this essential feature of the fax protocol, it is important to note that a fax can rarely be guaranteed as an exact copy. ECM is available on all calls and T38Fax duly recommends that it should be configured on all devices.