Essential Tips On Making The Best Of Your Business Intelligence Implementation

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Companies are already aware of the importance of business intelligence but they often have challenges on taking the right decision. In fact, a recent statistics revealed that 9 out of every 10 small and medium businesses have this challenge. One cannot blame them. The kind of decisions you make will determine how effective your business intelligent strategies will be.

If your business also has that challenge, here are important tips for you. If you apply them properly, you should be able to make the best of your BI strategy.

Clean up your database

Wrong and inaccurate data will undermine your BI strategy so the first is to clean up your database. Verify your records to be sure that there are no errors. Apart from errors, there may be data that is no longer valid. You should rid your database of all inconsistencies and discrepancies before you begin to implement business intelligence. Depending on the volume of your data, you may need the services of a provider of IT support in Boca Raton to help you clean up your database and filter out errors.

Establish a roadmap for the implementation of BI

After cleaning up your system, you need to reorganize your system for easy implementation of BI. This could mean to review your business processes. You can shorten it and remove any process overlap. This usually happens between Finance and Accounts. However, some organizations deliberately created this to make sure that both accounts and finance departments work as a check on each other.

You may seek the services of a company that offers IT support in Boca Raton to help get rid of duplication of functions and still secure your system from internal fraud. Establishing a roadmap for BI also includes figuring out and purchasing all the IT facilities that you may need.

Deliberate on the best way to integrate BI into your business

This is not really what you can handle. It is your IT support provider that will give you all the suitable integration options and also inform you on the pros and cons of each option to enable you make a good choice. This includes choosing between buying a generic BI application and configuring it and ordering a custom designed BI application.

Train your team on how to handle the change

Naturally, humans resist change. Some of your employees may secretly sabotage the paradigm shift either because they feel it will make things more difficult for them or because they feel there is nothing in it for them. Make sure every member of your team is data-driven.

So, you must get them educated on the benefit it has for them. After all, properly executed business intelligence strategy usually leads to more productivity which in turn leads to more bottom line. This could mean more pay for them. You also need to train them on how to make the best of the change.

Constantly evaluate the process

This is the most important part. Once you begin the implementation, you need to constantly monitor the new process and evaluate the results to be sure you are in line with the objectives of the BI strategy. You must set clear KPIs even before the implementation to make it clear to you and everyone whether the implementation is yielding results or not.

Plan carefully before you adopt

The importance of planning before you adopt any BI strategy cannot be overemphasized. You need the steps above for effective prior-implementation planning.