Five Common Managed Services Pricing Models

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Varieties, they say, is the spice of life. Similarly, having different methods for paying for Managed Services can be quite beneficial to any business. In the past, there was only one method for paying for services, but currently, there are quite a number of them. Below is a list of different pricing models that you can consider when shopping around for Managed Services for copier solutions and managed-it-services-west-palm-beachprint solutions. It is important that before choosing a provider, you must know which pricing model the provider offers. The best way of choosing which pricing model suits your Florida, South Florida and West Palm Beach business more is by meeting with a Managed Services Specialist;

  1. Monitoring Only package:

This package is pretty self-explanatory. It is a form of preventive package where the service provider remotely monitors specific aspects of your business copier solutions and print solutions, using software installed on your devices. This is an apt package for large scale businesses that already have an established IT department but would need an extra pair of eyes to provide 24/7 monitoring. It is also great for businesses that may not have an effective way to monitor their business IT infrastructure. With this package, you will be enjoying the least of services. Any solution support will likely cost you extra.

  1. Tiered packages:

With tiered packages, you are allowed to choose between different predetermined service levels. These predetermined service levels have different services included at different set prices. This is similar to what is obtainable with a cable company, where different packages with different features are available at different prices.

The tiered package option works best if all the features you want for your business is contained in one tier. An advantage of this package option is that it usually comes with discounts.

  1. A ‘La Carte:

This is one of the most flexible of all the options. For better understanding, you can think of it as a kind of restaurant menu where you pay only for what you select. The downside to this package option is that, compared to tiered packages that come as bundles and have discounts, there are no discounts to the A ‘La Carte option; you pay the full amount for each of the individual services you choose.

This package is apt for businesses that don’t require much support. The challenge, however, is choosing the exact services and components that best suit your business.

  1. Per Device:

In this option, what you pay for your managed services plan will be determined by the number of devices you include. You will be paying a different amount for varying number of devices.

  1. Per user:

This is the most flexible of all the options. With this model, you pay according to the number of users included in the network, where every user has access to all available services. So if there is a change in the number of your employees, you can make appropriate changes to your investment. Regardless the number of your employees, you can enjoy the same level of service.

Knowing the different pricing model makes you a more informed buyer. This will help you in your negotiation process to find that which is right for you.