How To Give Your Help Desk More Help

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Tackling the technical aspect of your customer service is tricky. When consumers need more specific solutions to a technical challenge, there is value when it comes to knowing how to solve the issue in the fastest and most efficient way possible. While most of these principles apply to customer service, a company’s help desk or tech support require a more specialized touch. How do you make your help desk become exceptional in handling customer tech problems?

Depending on your agency, products, and team makeup, your help desk may be consolidated into a single role or broken down into a large number of departments. Here are a few tips to help you give your help desk more help. These tips will be especially useful to those who require managed IT services in West Palm Beach.

Put Down Detailed Notes During Interaction With Customers

Agents do not have to write much on each customer; they just need to keep detailed notes that pinpoint their problem, unique situation, proposed solution, and result. Keeping up with this can be invaluable for tracking common problems and helping customers who report similar issues all the time. Using relevant customer service software solutions makes the process of keeping track of tickets and recording customer data organized easier.

Measure the Technical Level of Customers

It is always helpful to try to determine a customer’s technical level so as to know the best ways to help solve their issues. For some customers, anything that may seem simple to fix could be more complicated if they are not technically inclined. A customer with a high level of technical know-how interacts more fluidly and gets the solution they require after speaking with an agent who is more specialized on the matter.

Look for Previous Support Tickets

It isn’t uncommon for customers who experience technical problems to encounter some of these same problems more than once. Checking any prior support tickets that were logged for a customer can give an agent helpful clues that should help to speed up the process, which is good for every party involved. Prior tickets may contain notes that allow you to direct customers to better solutions or quickly show them to the relevant department that is capable of solving their issues.

Identify the Level of the Problem

Customer issues that are more technical in nature can run the scale regarding ease of resolution and complexity. Which is why it is vital to identify what the problem is immediately and determine whether it is something that can be solved quickly. On an end of the scale, a consumer may require instructions or guidance on how to retrieve a lost password or how to return a defective item for replacement.

At the upper end, they may need to troubleshoot an unforeseen software-halting glitch that they have never seen before. So if your help desk is able to pinpoint and evaluate issues, then they are performing at their best.

The above tips will greatly assist those who require managed IT services in West Palm Beach.