How To Give Your Helpdesk More Help

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Even though help desks are handled by IT experts, they are not mind readers. The level of services you get from them is determined by how much information you give to them. So, there are a few tips that will enable you get better services from your help desk.

Compose yourself before calling your help desk

Help desks is called whenever there is a problem. But sometimes the problem may be frustrating that you will transfer aggression on your help desk team consciously or unconsciously. No matter how frustrating the problem is, you need to take a little time to calm yourself down before calling your help desk. And when you do, don’t talk harshly or yell. Your help desk is not the cause of the problem.

Sometimes, out of anger and frustration, you will be talking but you won’t communicate. Your complaints will come out as disjointed ramblings that won’t make any sense. The worst part is that you will get even more infuriated when the guy at the other side asks you to repeat yourself. To save your time and his time, it is better to compose yourself and take the time to explain the issue in full details.

Be patient

Some problems do not have a quick solution. But it is natural to expect a quick solution as the problem may hinder your job process and allow your work to pile up. Bear in mind that your help desk team also wants to resolve your query and close the file as quickly as possible, so if the problem can be resolved immediately it will.

But when your computer support asks you to wait for about 30 minutes, don’t get upset and raise your voice. Some issues, especially computer network support issues, require meticulous troubleshooting. So, be patient and wait calmly. Most times the issue gets resolved before the stipulated time frame lapses.

Don’t involve their managers without giving them time to resolve your issue

Some people believe that copying help desk manager in a mail will make help desk technicians work on their complaint faster. This is not a good idea because most technicians don’t like it. You make it seem like they can’t work without supervision.

For instance, your computer network support manager will not do anything to fast-track the resolution of your query if he finds out you just sent the mail for the first time. And if you have complained to any computer support manager about any of his team members, it becomes necessary to involve him again when commending that particular team member.

Don’t mix issues

If you are complaining about 2 different issues, let your technician know from the beginning that you have 2 issues to resolve. Then, you can give him the details of each of them one after the other. But it is very confusing when you merge 2 issues together as 1. Of course it will take him more time. Besides, it is possible that one of the problems could be fixed immediately if you separate them. But when you merge them, both of them will be resolved at the time required to resolve the more difficult one.


When communicating with your help desk technicians, be courteous, be patient, try to give full details of the issue at the very first time, listen patiently and answer confirmatory questions. All these will help you get better services from your help desk.