Gmail Anti-Phishing Check For External Link It Support For Law Practices

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Phishing, over the years, is an attack that uses a very simple email to deceive users into clicking a malicious link or sending personal and crucial information. Law firms have been victims of this cyber-attack. No wonder IT support for law practices are recommended for them. To stop scam activities like this and enable a more efficient IT support for law practices, Google has enhanced the security of Gmail. Below are the features of this new improvement.

Machine learning.

The same way they have developed their product, with machine learning technology, Google is approaching email security in the same manner. When analyzed, phishing scams often follow a particular pattern. With this knowledge, Google mail experts now developed an algorithm which checks spam mode, Google security database, and phishing in real time.

When a similar phishing attempt is made, Google mail flags any message that looks dangerous and sends everything through the safe google browsing feature. At this stage, the messages file attachment and links are tested for any malicious functioning. According to Google, about 50% to 70% of emails that are sent to Gmail accounts are all phishing or spam emails. But with the introduction of a new detection algorithm, Google mail (Gmail) can stop 99.9 percent of them all.

Click-time warnings

Also, Google has included precautions for malicious or suspicious links. This means that when you mistakenly click on any unwelcomed link in a message, it will redirect you automatically to a secure page with “warning” as its title- phishing suspected (web forgery).

This is the message:

‘The site you are entering has been identified as unsecured, which is intended to deceive you into disclosing, personal or any sensitive information.’

Nevertheless, in the case of false positives, Google does not deny access to the link, but they advise you to be careful if you decide to continue.

External reply warnings.

One other enhancement that Gmail focuses on in answering messages is that it warns users at that point of sending a response to that malicious message or an address that is not registered to their company domain or contact list. This little improvement is built to stop users from sending susceptible information to another party.

Today, every user of Gmail can always take advantage of all these fantastic security controls. Nevertheless, it is essential to have at the back of your mind that all these improvements can never replace security awareness.

As a matter of fact, Google said that these great features are only complementing the existing security setup and other standard practices. To differentiate between what a ‘scam’ and not a ‘ scam’ message is, will go a long way in protecting you from malicious threats.


Google is installing the technology of machine learning in almost every product they own. They say that this new feature is a gradual process and may take some few days to get through to all users. At the moment, this upgrade is coming to Gmail users on Android platform, and it’s not clear if it will extend to other devices.