Google Releases A New Android OS Update

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The tech giant, Google has unveiled Android Oreo. A new and exciting OS update for Android. This software follows the successful path of the Nougat OS and enhances it further. It offers upgrades and new features to both tablets and smartphones. For Android device owners who want to know about the features of this update, here is a rundown as well as how it works for IT support for law practices.

Enhanced notifications

Android users can expect a different update to improve the quality of their lives. Say hello to the bubble pop-ups as well as notifications. Where a colored circle shows up at the top right of the app’s desktop icon, the users can see more details about notifications by long pressing. This could save battery life and time.

Picture-in-picture mode

This mode has been added in the new Android OS. The update means that users will be able to make Skype calls or view YouTube videos in a smaller window while a different app works in the background. Large screen Android devices will benefit more from this update.

Longer battery life

Android Oreo doesn’t disappoint when it comes to optimizing battery life. A charged phone can now perform for a longer time. This reduces power as well as the consumption of memory of background apps. The active apps are left with more computing resources.

Faster boot time

Boot time was enhanced in this OS. Oreo will start different software faster than its predecessors will.

Intelligent copy and paste

Android users who work on their mobile devices will benefit from this update as well. They will enjoy a machine-learning feature instead of the outdated copy and paste function. When an email is highlighted, the OS will provide the user with a link to Gmail. This will help you to compose a message faster. Also, long pressing any address with display a Google map link to your house.

Release date

This new OS will follow a long-standing tradition of Google and will be released during the last week of August 2017. The update will be available for Google Pixel, Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X users first before everyone else. Sadly, other Android users from third-party smartphone companies will have to wait longer to get their hands on it. Sony, HTC, Samsung, and Huawei fall into this category.

How to get it early for the IT support for law practices department

Users of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, as well as all versions of Google Pixel who cannot wait for the official release, can sign up for a beta program. It will allow them to try out the features before release. After enrolling, open the settings of your device and tap on the ‘About Device‘ section and click on ‘Select Software’ and you’ll get to enjoy the update.

We expect more Android features in the coming months, and different brands can expect to benefit from it, especially IT support for law practices department.