Google Set To Make Its Cloud Services Faster

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From high-end data analysis to pre-written learning modules, the Google Cloud Platform can be basically used by medical IT support for any healthcare computing task. It can only be limited by your internet connection. Interestingly, Google cloud can now be accessed in less time with improved services. Thanks to its new approach to bandwidth management.

Google Cloud Platform

Like Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services, Google offers a suite of cloud computing services which are internally managed on the same infrastructure used for its end-user products like YouTube and Google search. This suite of services which is generally known as Google Cloud Platform can be accessed by clients over the internet.

Grouped into 9 categories, there are currently 60 services offered on the platform. Google Cloud Platform provides a series of modular cloud services that include;

  •  Identity and Security
  •  Developer Tools
  •  Management Tools
  •  Machine Learning
  •  Internet of Things
  •  Big Data (for analysis)
  •  Networking
  •  Storage and Databases
  •  Compute

Each one of these aforementioned categories presents a unique set of tools necessary for getting work done in the cloud. Take the Compute category, for instance, it features a range of services required for creating and organizing virtual desktops powered by sophisticated hardware that is accessible from virtually anywhere.

Google upgrading

Now, Google has improved the way clients access data on its platform. Simply put, medical IT support can now receive more information from Google in less time, thanks to the new approach to bandwidth management.

As far back as the mid-80s, the recognition and further standardization of an algorithm brought about to a corresponding reaction whenever any data fails to reach its final destination. The majority of this data loss was assumed to be caused by an overloaded connection. To this end, the entity responsible for sending data always tried to slow down transfer speeds whenever it notices data losses.

However, it is good to know that things are no longer the same. Since then, quite a lot of this has changed. You quite know, Google recently introduced a new algorithm for its search and streaming video services. The success of this new development paved the way for a 2,700x improvement for YouTube network throughput, as experienced in so many cases.

Now that this new technology has been applied to the Google Cloud Platform, there have been quite some noticeable changes which include faster service. Regardless of whether members of your medical IT support staff are hosting an application or storing and retrieving business data, they are bound to enjoy faster services from Google.

The importance of web and cloud services cannot be overemphasized. If you must keep up with the breakneck pace of IT advancement, then you need to select the right platform and ensure proper configuration.