Hacked Passwords Used To Create A Sextortion Scam

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it-computer-support-boca-ratonWe are all familiar with e-mail scams and IT support in Boca Raton has certainly seen their fair share of them. This scam comes with an interesting twist, though. The recipient of the e-mail is told that they have been recorded while watching pornography with the webcam on their computer.

At this time, the person is also told that they will need to pay a ransom in order to keep the video from being released to their contact list. The e-mail is obviously meant to strike fear in the heart of the recipient and to drive that point home, a password that is tied to their e-mail address is included.

The basic elements of this particular scam have been in place for a long time and the only major difference is that the ransom is now being demanded in Bitcoin form. By starting the e-mail with a statement about knowing the recipient’s password, the scammers are looking to establish an immediate sense of control.

The recipient is also told that they have only 24 hours to make the payment before the video is shared with everyone on their contacts list. There is a twist to the story, though. A number of people who have received this e-mail state that the password that they were told about was actually an old one that they had not used in many years.

It is believed that these extortion attempts are automated. While the exact origins of the scam are unknown, the perpetrators are able to use a script that draws from a data breach that already took place several years ago at a popular website.

Most scams of this nature tend to become more refined over time so IT support in Boca Raton would not put it past these parties to start updating their tactics with newer passwords. There are a wide range of services online that allow users to look up the passwords of others.

Some scammers may even be able to pull passwords from sites that have been hacked more recently. Even some tech support scam artists may find themselves getting in on these schemes as well. Sextortion crimes can have a dramatic effect on the lives of their targets and these sorts of private, sensitive materials should never be distributed in such a manner.

To avoid becoming a victim, the FBI advises against the sending of any compromising images. Do not make the mistake of opening attachments from people that you do not know. If a webcam is not currently in use, be sure to keep it covered. Those who believe that they are a victim of such a crime are urged to pick up the phone and contact their local FBI office immediately.