Hangout Or Skype- Which VoIP Provides The Best It Support For Law Practices?

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Technology giants Microsoft and Google have always been contenders in many aspects. Both companies have achieved significant technological developments. They are also neck to neck in cloud computing, productivity software and learning. When it comes to video conferencing, technology, Microsoft and Google have developed exclusive software for online communication with a focus on video calls. Both have similar calling and video conferencing features. However, while Google has made Hangouts for both businesses and personal use, Skype was launched strictly for business. As a lawyer, you might prefer one over the other for your law firm. Which VOIP has the most suitable IT support for a law practice?

Calling Features

Though Skype and Google Hangouts are similar as they both offer screen sharing, 1080 HD high-quality video calls, and voice calls, they are slightly different. For instance, with Hangouts intelligent built-in-features such as muting and auto screen focus, users can get the needed attention when they’re sharing ideas with the group. It supports up to 30 users per session, and it doesn’t have voting and broadcasting features. Skype on the hand allows for users up to 250 to set up and record online meetings and broadcast for up to 10000 participants. Also, Skype translator instantly translates voice and text. What’s more, you never miss calls with Skype as it streamlines caller management.

Presence Indicator

Google Hangouts uses a green circle to indicate that the contact is available online. Users can also set their custom status message. Skype’s status indicators are similar, but you can also choose other status options like Busy, Available, In a Call, Do Not Disturb and many others.

Integrations and Apps

Google has the edge over Skype in integrations with other Google apps like Google Slides, Docs, Calendar, Presentations and other Google services like YouTube. Skype also integrates with office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and File. Asides Microsoft, Skype also integrates with other unified communication solutions such as Slack. Besides, Skype has near real-time translation services for voice and videos calls in over 40 languages.


There’s a huge difference in pricing between Hangout and Skype. While Hangouts comes with G suite, an office collaboration and productivity tool by Google. The subscription plan has Basic, Business and Enterprise and costs from $5 per month for each user. There’s also a free version which you can by creating a Google Account. Meanwhile, Skype for Business starts at $2. It also has a free version with Microsoft accounts.

What works for You?

It depends on your requirements to choose the suitable VOIP for communication as both of them are quite useful. Google Hangout is suitable for small law firms with up to 50 employees. It has a low-cost communication solution, but it only supports 30 participants per call. However, if you need the platform for a larger firm, then go for Skype for Business. It is designed to support both small and large businesses. Still not sure? A trial run can help you make you decide. Another option is to contact our team for professional advice on sure which of the product can provide the best IT solution for law practices.