Healthcare It: A World Of Robots

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All over the world, people and organizations are striving for excellence in the most amazing ways. Tech companies have created platforms and software which not only help people save time, but also help organize offices, schedule meetings, etc. This software organizes interactions and communication between teams to ensure productivity.

Microsoft Teams Scheduling Assistant acts as a scheduler. With it, meetings are held at the best and most convenient times because it takes into account the schedule of all members of the team. This, no doubt, ensures that the meetings are attended.

An earlier version, ‘Teams’ could only be used to schedule intra-team meetings, but now, one-on-one meetings are now possible. The updated version allows bots to tap into conversations in teams. Simply typing ‘@’ can activate the team bots as you interact with the bot.

To keep track of the bots added to teams while allowing teams discover new tabs, a Bots tab was added to teams.

Below are some of the improvements on bots.

  1. You can add a bot to a channel by typing ‘@’ in the compose box and selecting ‘Add a box.’
  1. Bots can be discovered via search. To discover bots, find the search bar at the top, choose Discover tabs’, click on a bot. You can also click ‘Add’ to add bot to a team.
  1. Also, there is a new bot gallery which displays a comprehensive list of all the bots on Microsoft Teams. Bots can be added to one of your teams alongside the gallery.

Public Teams:

The launch of the new kid on the block ( Microsoft Teams) has made it possible to have ‘Public Teams’ which allows anyone from the organization to join the team as opposed to the private teams that only allow specific members to join. When a new user tries to join a new team, public teams appear. Existing private teams can be turned to public teams, and public teams can similarly be turned to private teams.

It is safe to state that the world couldn’t wait for this to be launched. In November 2016 when it was finally unveiled, Teams was a minimal service but in March 2017, (four months later) Microsoft Teams are available to Business Premium and Office 365 Business Essentials Users. Enterprise E5, E3and E1 users, also use Microsoft teams.

Robots in Medicine:

Software robots (bots) are created to carry out automated routine tasks on the internet. They do so with speed and accuracy beyond human abilities.

What role do these robots play in HealthCare IT?

There are different kinds of medical robots. Some of them include Surgical robots, Rehabilitation robots, Telepresence robots, etc.

Well, surprising as it may be, there has been serious research on the importance of robots in healthcare IT. Many have argued that robots (Xenex robots) have ensured about 7% drop in hospital-acquired infections such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficult by acting as a microorganism disinfectant. According to reports, pepper robots are being hired as receptionists in Belgium, and by 2020 the projection is that surgical robots are expected to be worth $6.4billion in sales. Again, a pharmacy which just opened in Wuhan, China has robots as receptionists and sales attendants.

This is proof that shortly, more robots would be employed to replace humans in hospitals.

Also, The Teams, whether private or public will be of immense benefit to the Medical Practitioners as it will ensure real-time interaction among them. Members of teams can share ideas that will advance medical science, thereby saving more lives at the shortest possible time.