Company Networks: What Takes Place On Company Time?

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The type of stories that healthcare IT services staffers hear about what takes place on company time will surprise you. People will do just about anything if they feel as if they can get away with it. Administrators from all industries often tell stories of industrial espionage and other major calamities.

These stories are meant to serve as cautionary tales for healthcare IT services. After all, the information that is being shared on their company networks is incredibly vital. Even the biggest companies on the planet
can become victims when a security breach of this magnitude takes place.

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How Can Healthcare IT Services Avoid These Concerns?

Healthcare data breaches are now becoming more commonplace than ever before. A company network has to remain protected at all times. While a company policy should be established, that is not going to stop employees from doing things that are considered to be illegal under any circumstances.

There is one key problem that needs to be tackled first. There are too many employees who believe that a company network can be used in the same way as their home network. They do not differentiate their actions in any meaningful way. This creates a number of issues for IT staffers and these issues can range from the mildly annoying to the wildly disturbing.

Ensuring Policy Adherence

When company policies are made, they are made to keep the employees safe from themselves. It may not seem important to ban employees from downloading music on a company network but all it takes is one wrong click to place the entire network in jeopardy. Employees can create problems for a company without even trying to do so.

In turn, this makes life harder for IT staff members who are responsible for safeguarding healthcare networks. That is why policy adherence is a must. Employees need to know that the policies are being put into place for a reason. If anyone does not like that idea, they need to be shown the door. A healthcare facility cannot afford a security breach, accidental or not.

System administration is not an easy task. Whether you are dealing with employees who are not willing to follow the rules at all or employees who see no problem with bending them, there are no shortage of issues that can occur. Report all of these sorts of activities to the superiors as soon as possible.

Do not wait. All it takes is one breach to change the prognosis of a healthcare facility before. Don’t wait for an employee to make a mistake, innocent or otherwise. Getting the right message across to those who use these systems is what will save a medical facility from a potentially challenging situation.