How Big Data Will Impact Law Firms In 2018

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The scope that big data manipulation will have on law firms in 2018 is huge. Things that can involve law firms more deeply in a need for IT support in Fort Lauderdale have been developing for several years and have come to fruition in 2018.

The focus of using large amounts of data for lawyers is leveraging an advantage that information always provides. The technical expertise of IT support in Fort Lauderdale makes this advantage a practical reality.

There are five changes coming in 2018 that all law firms must be aware of and plan for.

R language

The R programming language has become the language of choice when dealing with large amounts of data. Legal firms use the language every day without realizing it. R has been imbedded in many of the most versatile and popular software programs sold. R can be used to create standalone programs that fit any conceivable need. Writing the code means your law firm needs IT support in Fort Lauderdale.


Several companies that promised great advances in the use of big data have risen in the last decade. Many have failed but a few have succeeded in reaching a level of financial success that makes an IPO feasible. Most analysts involved in this sector expect to see at least three new IPOs in 2018. The firms need lawyers for the IPO.

Data fabrics

Lawfirms are using data fabrics now. The varieties of data sources that make a law firm function efficiently are held together by technology that has been named data fabrics. A data fabric combines all the inputs, digests them, and makes the output coherent. Data fabrics in 2018 are expected to become more flexible in terms of scale.


The General Data Protection Regulation becomes a reality in Europe in May of 2018. The impact in the United States is potentially more important than in Europe. U. S. companies that are not technologically equipped to comply with the new laws that protect user’s personal data can face huge fines. The laws are complex. Any company that does business with Europe even in a tangential manner must protect itself from financial loss. Law firms must likewise protect client’s data.

AI grows up

Artificial intelligence has been a part of computing and search engines for almost a decade. AI does not think. Many people who get personalized shopping information have the concept that it does. The present limitation on the capacity of AI is mechanical. Faster processing devices can produce the thinking capacity that artificial intelligence has promised. The concept has been proven on a small scale.

The application of AI to law firms has a tremendous potential. Few people expect a machine to argue a case in court in 2018. The devices that lawyers use will enhance their capacity to manipulate information 20 fold with AI. An AI device can replace repetitive work and free staff for more complex tasks. Case loads that were unimaginable can be managed by the data manipulation speeds that AI promises.

Data management and new developments in technologies that have shown promise for several years will alter how law firms work in 2018.