How Companies Have Saved Money With Managed It Services

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Small and large businesses alike are enjoying the money saving side of the rapidly advancing technology market. At one time, high end tech solutions were available only to companies with deep pockets and an in-house tech department. But technology is making businesses more streamlined and even small companies can apply client management software or business apps to their businesses at an affordable cost.

Using a computer support team correctly is the best way to leverage the new trend in money and time saving technology for businesses and personal use.

Using Social Media Marketing

Advertising online is one of the best ways to reach potential clients and create an image and name for a company. Social media has created a platform available to any size business. Video applications have been developed for advertising use on the most popular sites and push notifications are available as part of any marketing plan.

Working in The Cloud

Working via The Cloud keeps businesses connected as they grow and spread. Sales teams that are off site much of the time have instant access and document sharing. Consider contracts that need to be uploaded to complete a sale or expense reports that have to be turned over in a timely manner. Gone are the days of snail mail for these types of transmissions. Even faxing is slow compared to scanned and emailed or shared documents. Your computer network support group is able to maintain and troubleshoot your cloud software packages to ensure you are getting the most value for your team without having to pay for in house development.

Paper Free and Remotely Employed

Paperless offices save a surprising amount of money from avoiding printing and hard copy document storage. Printer ink, storage and archive charges seem like small costs but the larger your office is, the more you are spending and small businesses should watch pennies that add up over time. More than 15% of all companies now have remote based employees. Offices save a tremendous amount when cutting the overhead for office based employment. Additionally, this allows for a greater reach in employee hiring. A computer network support group will be able to advise the best new apps and software for non-physical means of communication including electronic signatures and remote viewing software.

Time Saving Apps

Business based apps are becoming the new “thing” for new hires. Some companies are even replacing desktops for new personnel with tablets so they can manage their office work on the go. With these apps, businesses can track sales, media, finance and schedules. Time is always money and good computer support can help with both in selecting and supporting apps for your business.

Technology growth is still ongoing and escalating. Businesses are reaping the benefits of the continued wave, including many ways to save money.