How Connecting CRM With VoIP Can Save Your Sales’ Team Time

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Legal/law firms have now been offered tremendous opportunities to blend their voice communication with their customer data in an environment that is real-time and more responsive for the benefit of their sales team. This is made possible by the integration between CRM and VoIP.

Many telecommunication companies and IT support in Fort Lauderdale are beginning to provide this service. But the question is; how does this operation work and how flexible is its operation?

According to a research carried out by BuyerZone, 91% of companies with more than 11 employees were discovered to use CRM software. It was also discovered that 87% of those companies were involved in some form of cloud-based CRM. Majority of the organizations and IT support in Fort Lauderdale were found to favor established platforms like Salesforce for daily operations because of cloud-based access.

For more than two decades, LinkedIn has been known to provide VoIP solutions from its headquarters in Florida. Their particular focus is on call center software and phone systems. Currently, the company is providing a solution that can integrate well-known CRM and phone systems that are VoIP-based.

In order to deliver a better customer service, it is best if representatives of legal/law firms are pre-informed about the identity of the person who is calling as well as have access to other information pertaining to the caller. This information will include the call history of the caller, their purchases, and preferences. This will be done by matching the identity of the caller with phone number record present in the CRM.

The Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is responsible for driving the integration between CRM and VoIP, but this solution is now being made available by a number of vendors. A good amount of these, however, depend on invasive methods or intrusive architecture. Majority of Salesforce CTI solutions embedded in the CRM’s backend, an application that is mixed with third-party software code.

The LinkedIn solution is a bit different, it takes a non-invasive approach by adopting a middleware module which has the capacity to observe events at the communication platform and read data in a passive manner from CRM data sources. The solution works by displaying a pop-up window which contains important data relating to the caller to the representative or agent.

This solution is developed for mid-sized, large organizations and IT support in Fort Lauderdale. It can make available a wide range of information pertaining to the customer making the call. This will include posts, cases, and emails. The solution will generate new profiles, cases or opportunities that relate to account holders.

Key takeaways

-The major advantage offered by CTI is its huge time-saving capacity, as it can reduce the time and effort it requires to search for and retrieve customer data.

-LinkedIn has made its solution available on a variety of CRM platforms, some of which includes; Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and NetSuite.

-Majority of the top solutions are designed for larger organizations

-Systems like Callinize are apt for smaller businesses as they are reputed to be relatively quick to implement.