How “Follow Me” Is Expected To Improve Disaster Recovery Services West Palm Beach

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Microsoft has proposed a new feature for Windows 10 that will allow users to navigate through their system with the help of Cortana, its virtual assistant. “Follow me” as it is tagged, will make it much easier to navigate through the operating system. According to a provider of disaster recovery services West Beach, this is a welcome development, especially for users who already find it difficult to navigate through Windows 10.

Right now, Cortana already performs simple tasks like volume adjustment for music player, sending of scheduled reminders, and answering basic questions but the advent of “Follow me” will add to its capabilities. It is expected that Cortana should be able to give audiovisual assistance to users on how to navigate around the operating system when the proposed feature is launched.

As it is now, Cortana can provide voice prompts during general research and this is a very important feature for patients whose hands are paralyzed. However, the expected improved version of Cortana should be able to handle much more complex tasks than that. For instance, it should be able to guide users to pair their PC with a device through Bluetooth with its visual prompts.

This feature will be exploited so much in the healthcare line where a lot of sophisticated medical hardware are usually paired with PCs. The best part is that the feature will be very easy to activate and deactivate. Users will only quit by just pressing the escape key.

For one reason or the other many healthcare providers have been shying away from Virtual Assistant technology. As a form of corroboration to the fact, a notable provider of disaster recovery services West Palm Beach also noticed that most of its clients are just unwilling to embrace the use of Cortana. To them, it is just a not-so-needed add-on that can only perform a few simple tasks.

Whether they are interested in it or not, virtual assistant technology has come to stay as operating system manufacturers now focus on it. A lot of improvements should be expected on Cortana and other virtual assistants soon.

Although they still perform small tasks, Cortana and other virtual assistants are useful to healthcare providers that are always in need of superfast guidance in getting medical information on their PCs. In addition, they can also perform small tasks like schedule setting for appointments with patients, sending of reminders to physicians on their patients’ medications, and calculating patients’ bill after treatment.

The fact that Microsoft demonstrated Cortana’s ability to handle complex tasks earlier in 2017 really raised users’ expectations and it is only logical that the software giant matches its claims with the launch of ‘Follow me”. While users await Microsoft’s official announcement on the launch date and expected functionalities of the new and improved Cortana, every other information on it remains a mere speculation.