How Krack Endangers Wi-Fi Security

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Recent happenings in the cyber world have exposed the vulnerability of internet connections via wireless devices. Before now, most people believed that their Wi-Fi router was capable of securing their internet connections and prevent cyber attacks particularly when a strong password is set. KRACK, a significant flaw in WiFi networks which was lately discovered by two Belgian security analysts has been found to pose serious security threats to wireless devices.

What you should know about KRACK

Short for “key reinstallation attack,” KRACK is a security protocol commonly employed by devices and routers to encrypt activity. Unfortunately, hackers are using this networking feature to pass between wireless routers and mobile devices to intercept sensitive data. Hackers can now bypass WPA2 can to access confidential information such as photos, private emails, credit card numbers, and login details.

In some extreme cases, KRACK allows hackers to effectively control devices remotely. As a matter of fact, an unauthorized user and access your surveillance systems through this means an even shut them down. Worse still, there are no security fixes for IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as IP cameras and smart thermostats. It is even difficult to apply patches when some finally become available, as they (devices) tend to have many complicated user interfaces.

Nevertheless, it is good to know that there are certain things you can do to improve your cybersecurity Boca Raton and even avoid these risks.

Get on a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

One good way to mitigate the risks is by making use of a VPN service. This will help to encrypt your internet connection so all your network activities are hidden thereby protecting your transmitted data from getting hacked.

Visit only HTTP websites

Ensure to connect only with “HTTPS” websites particularly when on a public WiFi hotspot. Try not to visit websites that start with “HTTP.” Regardless of whether your connection is vulnerable to KRACK or not, it is good to know that all traffic between your browser and the website you are visiting can be effectively encrypted when navigating HTTPS websites.

Avoid using public networks

To be on the safer side, try as much as possible to avoid both free and password-protected public WiFi networks. This is mainly because they are often easy targets for cybercriminals due to the absence of holistic security measures.

Connect with an Ethernet cable

In the meantime, you can enhance your cybersecurity Boca Raton by making use of Ethernet connections while you wait for a security patch to be released for your wireless router. To ensure that you don’t connect to networks vulnerable to KRACK, always turn off the WiFi on your devices.

Download and install necessary patches

Recent updates have reported the release of security patches for major platforms, including Android, Windows, and iOS. Firmware updates have also been issued by most router manufacturers including FortiNet, Meraki, Mikrotik, and Ubiquiti. So, ensure you download and install them immediately.