How Microsoft And Citrix Are Making Waves

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The newest partnership between Citrix’s virtualization client and Microsoft’s cloud platform are currently the next big thing in the industry. This is aptly going to be a win for everyone, according to the recent announcement made at the annual partner Summit organized by Citrix.

Though Citrix most famous product, XenDesktop and Microsoft’s build-it-yourself cloud platform, Azure may not be common household names but they’ll soon be making names as they possess some potential features to look out for.

With Microsoft’s Azure, you can easily select how your cloud should be structured. This cloud platform which is basically designed to help network administrators access Microsoft data centers. It is also good to know that Azure provides users with over 600 services.

Being currently one of the industry’s biggest virtualization software providers, Citrix has successfully launched its first cloud service – XenDesktop – but this time, designed mainly for the Azure Marketplace. Now, users can easily access Windows from any operating system installed to run a networked desktop. Notably, XenDesktop is the very first software solutions to do so thereby making it Citrix’s most famous product.

Awesome compatibility with Windows 10

Citrix’s’ plan to develop a Windows 10 desktop-as-service was hatched last year. Early this year, it successfully delivered on its promise with the release of an application-as-a-service offering on Azure – Microsoft’s public cloud. Now these two solutions – Microsoft Azure and XenDesktop – are steadily becoming one.

Administrators are now finding it easy to build efficient and well-equipped desktops for Windows 10, thanks to the latest release of XenDesktop Essentials built by Citrix for Microsoft Azure. Now, IT support for medical practices can make use of any machine installed with the lightweight client from Citrix to access Windows 10 desktops stored in Azure.

This platform comes with a host of administration settings designed for the effective management and supervision of virtualized desktops. With this, IT support for medical practices can easily monitor how users access them with a nominal monthly setup cost of $12 per user.

Improves work efficiency

Consider a moving truck with a well-stuffed box behind it. While Azure can be compared to the moving truck, your company’s applications and settings are the stuff packed inside the box – i.e. XenDesktop – located in the back of the truck. Regardless of the location of your employee in the world, the whole box can be promptly delivered, as long as the right configuration is put in place.

These new improvements will give your employees the opportunity to work in a Windows 10 enhanced environment. Interestingly, this has nothing to do with the OS employed by your employees, whether they are running an older or recent version of Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS on their verified devices, they can still access virtual desktops.