How Small And Medium Businesses Can Gain Competitive Advantage In 2019

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If you own a small or medium enterprise in West Palm Beach, now is the best time to get your company fully prepared because completion among businesses will get even tougher in 2019. However, this article has outlined a few ways to gain competitive advantage over your competitors. Marketing and advertisement will follow certain trends in 2019 and the earlier you get to understand the trends the better.

Videos have come to stay

According to recent report, about 80 percent of content shared online in 2019 will be video. This is because videos yield higher ROI, they are more credible, and they linger longer in the minds of viewers. Most importantly, Google and other search engines rank websites with video higher and than the ones without it. So, you should begin plans to earmark more resources for video production.

Concentrate more on live videos

This reinforces the point raised above. While customers in West Palm Beach love videos generally, they love live videos much more. A recent study shows that 80 percent of customers prefer videos over blog while 82 percent prefer live videos over social media posts. So, you need to engage your provider of tech support in West Palm Beach on how to integrate regular video streaming into your system.

Ads won’t do much in 2019

It is already obvious that people generally hate ads. Currently, about 30 percent of all internet users make use of ad blocking services and plugins and chances are high that this figure will increase tremendously in 2019. The gradual shift from ads to content marketing and influencer marketing has already begun. You should follow the trend now.

Diversify your communication channels

Gone are the days when customers prefer to make calls. Now, they feel more comfortable communicating through social media. So, if you want effective engagement and quick feedback, you should create social media accounts for your business and update the accounts daily.

Sell to the communities around you

The most effective reviews are the ones from the community. So, you need to sell to the community and also ensure that the image of your brand is great. Your customers will come from their midst. Besides, they can either promote your business or run it down with whatever they tell prospective customers about your brand. So, it is better to treat everyone in your community as either an existing customer or a prospective one.

Think of privacy

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal has opened people’s eyes and they guard their information more carefully now. Furthermore, the GDPR is in force. You don’t want to cough out 20 million Euros. This is one big reason you need a third party tech support in West Palm Beach. They will ensure that your customers’ data is safe and secure.

Your app and website should be “smart”

Businesses in West Palm Beach have begun to adopt the artificial intelligence technology to offer more convenience to their customers. You should do the same. One way to exploit the technology is to build (or revamp) your app and website to make them display localized and individualized content.

As mentioned earlier, the competition among businesses is already very tougher and will be even tougher in 2019. So, you need to give your business sure-footing and competitive advantage by aligning to the trends discussed above as early as possible.