How SMES Would Benefit From Eminent VoIP Hardware And PBX Firms

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In a bid to make their products more interoperable, two giant firms in the communication industry – VTech Communications and Yeastar – recently penned down yet another key strategic agreement. It was also revealed that both companies will be working together to enhance the business operations of SMEs.

Vtech has been on the public radar as a widely-recognized manufacturer of SIP-based phones with lots of customers around the globe. Yeastar, on the other hand, is no stranger to the VoIP space in which it has been playing very active roles as a highly popular brand specializing in the production and distribution of VoIP gateways and PBX systems.

It is interesting to know that both companies have been collaborating together even in times past to develop various tech services for businesses, such as the creation of the premise-based Yestar VoIP PBX with the main aim of auto-provisioning VTech phones.

But just recently, the two firms have decided to focus more on new ways of enhancing Yeastar’s Cloud PBX by establishing new and existing Vtech SIP phone plug-and-play functionality. It is believed that the new strategic partnership was driven by the overwhelmingly increasing growth in demand for SIP communications from across the nation.

Already, Yeastar has got an extensive connection with SMEs in the global enterprise communications market which has immensely contributed to the ingenious appeal of the deal for VTech. This implies that those Yeastar customers who are in need of IT support in Boca Raton can now be able to easily access its hardware.

While Yeaster will be supporting VTech customers with an option of on-premises cloud phone systems and PBX systems, VTech will employ the enhanced operability to provide a range of technical services including expandability options, German engineered audio, as well as Bluetooth and DECT connectivity. With various services ranging from VoIP signaling to color displays, VTech will effectively work with various companies of all sizes to enable them enjoy efficient IT support in Boca Raton.

Ultimately, both firms have agreed to work very closely together to support their clients in various ways that include bundles solutions and training activities. This new agreement will not only help to foster good relations between the two companies but will also go a long way in enhancing growth and development among SMEs.

Now that SMEs are finding their way into the VoIP market, they are not relenting on their part to obtain better service and choices. When it comes to using VoIP services, Yeaster is a global force to reckon with. It is interesting to know that this company has over 100,000 customers around the world.

As one of the largest manufacturer of cordless phones in the world, VTech is seeking to collaborate more with Yester to implement and host VoIP services that offer better flexibility and better functionality.