How To Carry Out A Successful Cloud Migration Via These Three Phases

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Cloud migration describes the process via which business elements and information, e.g. data, forms, and applications are moved from the company’s local onsite computers to the cloud. It also involves the movement of information from one cloud location to another. Although there are tremendous benefits attached to cloud migration, the process can be time-consuming and challenging. A successful cloud migration comes in three phases. Developing a familiarity with these three phases can help to improve the odds of a successful and smooth transition.

Regardless the extensiveness of your research or preparation, cloud migration can be somewhat of a tough process. Anything can go wrong during the migration, plus there is so much information that must be remembered. Despite this complexity, IT support in Boca Raton should ensure to do all they can to achieve a successful migration. Below are the three phases that make up a successful cloud migration;

  1. Phase 1: Planning

A step-by-step planning is essential when considering cloud migration. This strategy helps to reduce the chances of an error or oversight, and helps ensure that you get to your new environment faster. The planning stage of your cloud migration strategy should include;

-Inventory your small business environment: This helps to prevent undue surprises during the move. An inventory of the business environment will help you to understand how much information you wish to move, how long it would take for the move to complete, and the staff hours and downtime needed.

-Reorganize your small business environment: Next is to carry out a reorganization of the business environment. This will help you determine what needs to be moved and what can be left behind.

-Perform a premigration check: This will help you to identify the business forms and workflows available in your system and enlighten you on how best they can be moved.

-Prepare your destination: Your new business environment must be prepared and must be in conditions ready to receive the new data. No one would plan to move into a new house without doing some ground/prep work first.

-Open the lines of communication: It is important that you communicate regularly with your employees during the transfer period. Informing them about the migration details and any other important information helps to keep them in the loop and will ease tension.

-Perform a test migration: In order to prevent unexpected issue and surprises, it is important to perform a test migration. This helps to foresee any potential problems beforehand so that changes can be made accordingly.

  1. Phase two: Migration

This is the phase in which the actual movement of data, content and workflows to the cloud takes place. The success of this phase will be highly dependent on how the initial phase went. Phase 2 aims at developing a new technology operating system which is more efficient and more effective. Automated management and migration tool can be utilized to ensure a successful execution of cloud migration.

  1. Phase three: Post Migration Management:

This is the final stage of cloud migration. This is the stage where IT support in Boca Raton need to verify that everything is working as they should. This involves checking user permission, run workflows and form, test run business operation and compile any important information. You will also need to backup the new environment and remove the old one to prevent any form of conflict or issues.

It is important that companies be properly prepared for the migration process, as this helps to prevent issues and unpleasant surprises. Putting in mind the three phases of a successful cloud migration can be instrumental in creating a smoother transition for yourself and your employees.