How To Defeat Ransomware Targeting Mac Systems

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Although the majority of ransomware were designed to target Windows systems, a new variety is now targeting and attacking Mac systems being used by individuals and businesses such as law firms and legal practices. The ransomware tagged “Mac ransomware OSX/Filecoder.E” was discovered by researchers last month and acts just like any other variant of the crypto locker by encrypting all the data on your computer system pending when the victim pays the cyber criminals. But here’s the problem, once you’ve paid the attacker, there’s no surety that the attacker will decrypt your files. Nonetheless, once you follow the tips described below, there is a very good chance that you will defeat this malware.

According to security researchers at ESET, despite the fact that the Filecoder ransomware was developed using Apple’s programming language, the malware’s code is not as powerful or as skilled as other viruses. In reality, the malware’s code was so poorly developed that the attackers did not even include a method to recover the encryption key as soon as the ransom is paid.

Whatever the case may be, whether you’re dealing with Filecoder.E or other types of ransomware, it is recommended that you don’t give in to the demands of the cybercriminal.

Avoid Filecoder

Filecoder, unlike other ransomware, doesn’t send out phishing emails; instead, it’s disseminated on Torrent sites and is disguised under the name “Patcher.” Consequently, the best approach is to avoid most of these illegal and highly unregulated websites and visit only verified and trusted app stores like Google, Microsoft, and Mac.

Even though currently, the ransomware is not distributed using phishing campaigns, it’s best to be careful of any strange and unsolicited emails that come with weird file attachments just in case the developers of the malware decide to exploit that option.

Installation of preemptive measures

Similar to other malware, the best way to defend your business against this particular cyber-attack is by taking the initiative with your cyber security solutions. Install intrusion detection and prevention systems, dependable antivirus software, firewalls, and update systems constantly.

Backups must also be maintained as well as a disaster recovery plan put in place to keep your law firm running based on the outside chance that ransomware or some other forms of cyber-attack may subvert your systems.

Defeat the Malware

Due to the malware’s poorly written code, security experts have developed a way to decrypt the files without giving in to the attacker’s demands. Free cracking software such as PKCRACK can decrypt Filecoder-encrypted data if the original version of the encrypted files is available.

However, the recovery process requires programming knowledge, so it’s best to contact an IT expert or a managed services provider to decrypt your affected files.