How To Disable Ads In Windows File Explorer

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The rate at which advertisements have taken over every part of our digital space gives cause for concern. What makes it more worrisome is the fact that ads now keep popping up whether you are online or offline. Hitherto, it was only restricted to web pages.

For those who have encountered it, ads have crept into Windows’ File Explorer. Now, when you are working on Windows Explorer, ads will be jostling for your attention. Needless to say it can be distracting and annoying. Microsoft now allows ads inside the Windows File Explorer. The only respite to this is the fact that users have the liberty to disable these ads.

For now, nobody is sure how far this initiative has gone. Obviously, the ads have not crept into a lot of Microsoft workstations yet. It might not eventually get to a lot workstations since users have reacted negatively to it. The whole idea might be scrapped pretty soon. So, those that are lucky enough not have experienced it may never do.

Since these ads are enabled by default, you do not need to experience it before you take actions. It is a good idea to disable it now so you won’t have to worry whether Microsoft scraps it on or not.

How to disable the ads

Since the ads only pop up in Windows’ File Explorer window for now, the disabling should start from there. Once you get there, it requires only five simple steps that have been outlined below:

  • On the top of the file explorer window, there is a ribbon. Select “view” from the ribbon
  • Thereafter, click “options” at the right hand side of the window
  • A new window will come up. Select the view tab from the new window
  • Go to Advanced Settings window pane and then scroll down to “Show sync provider notification”. It is usually selected by default so you should deselect it
  • Finally, you should click “Apply” and close all the opened windows and dialog boxes

It is as easy as that.

At this juncture it is important to state categorically that the services and products being advertised on File Explorer are great. The medium of advertisement is the problem. It can be frustrating when you begin to see distracting ads when you are seriously studying for an important court case. Some of the services being advertised are One Drive and Office 365. These services are highly beneficial as they enhance and promote safe telecommuting.

This is one of the reasons IT support for law firms is necessary. You won’t need to worry as your IT service provider would have disabled the ads in one of their regular update sessions. In conclusion, the importance of IT support for law firms cannot be emphasized. It will take all the IT activities from your work schedule and allow you focus only legal activities. This leads to more productivity.