How To Handle Twitter’s Security Issue

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Just when the dust of Facebook-Cambridge Analytical scandal is beginning to settle, Twitter raised another dust by asking all its over 300 million users to reset their passwords. According to them, they found out that some user passwords have been stored in plain text via a bug despite being encrypted. Although the social media giant claims to have fixed the issue and that there is no sign of breach of information or misuse of user data, if there is, will they disclose it?

Twitter’s instruction to users to change their password is an issue that can just be overlooked. Could it be that the security facility used to mask user passwords have been compromised? A lot of issues could have led to this anomaly. The truth is, only time will tell whether some passwords have been stolen or not.

Safety first, whatever views you have on the issue, you need to change your Twitter password immediately and you should also enable two-factor authentication. Now, looking at the bigger picture; what if some passwords were really stolen and yours is among? What is you are one of the people who use the same password for all their online accounts so that they won’t need to keep track of too many passwords?

What if your business has its dedicated Twitter account and its password is used for several other highly important business accounts? You will be at risk now. First it was Yahoo, then it is Facebook scandal, and now it is Twitter. It is becoming obvious that no online account is completely safe.

You need to keep all your online accounts safe, especially the ones used for your business. Here are a few tips to do this:

Consider third party tech support in West Palm Beach

Security is a serious issue and it should be a handled by professionals. There are cases of small and medium enterprises that did not survive major hacking. Considering the current spate of hacking, fraud, and theft, no amount is too much to spend on security. So, you should opt for third party tech support in West Palm Beach.

Consider setting up a VPN

Since you will want your employees to be able to work from anywhere and public Wi-Fi is mostly unsecure, you may need to set up a virtual private network so that you and your employees can work from anywhere safely. This is another reason you need tech support in West Palm Beach.

Update your software regularly

You should ensure that all your software and applications are updated regularly. Most software updates usually include superior security features. In fact, this is your tech support team’s major responsibility. The team will do all it takes to keep your system completely safe and secure.

Change your passwords regularly

It is also important that you change your passwords regularly so that when hackers are getting closer to your passwords, you would have moved a step further.