How To Prevent Small Business Data Theft

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computer-support-and-data-recovery-boca-ratonWhile Computer Support in Boca Raton can assist us in a variety of ways, a small business will need to take certain steps in order to avoid data theft. Small businesses simply cannot afford to take these sorts of losses. In addition to having the right Computer Support Systems in Boca Raton in place, here are a few additional tips to stay safe over the long haul.

Employee Training

Employees may make mistakes that cause a data breach and a small business must provide the proper training so that these issues do not take place. Giving them the correct tools is a great way to cut down on these instances.


If data is not being encrypted, a small business is leaving themselves exposed to any number of issues. Any device that contains any sensitive information needs to be considered. Otherwise, there are vulnerabilities that are easily exploited.

Extra Levels of Protection

In some cases, a small business may need to hide data from their own employees. There is no reason why someone who does not work in a certain department needs to access certain information that has nothing to do with their area of expertise.

Banning All Data Transfers

No member of a company should ever be allowed to transfer data from one device to another. This should be against company policy at all times. While there may be a good reason for doing so, this does not change the fact that the data becomes more vulnerable to theft.

Do Not Allow Outside Devices

If an employee is given the chance to work on their own device, this may seem like a smart idea in the present. However, a small business is leaving themselves open to any number of additional concerns by doing so. This is because the business has zero control over these devices and how they are used.

Data Disposal

Be sure to purge data in the correct manner to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Removing the data entirely and making sure that there are no traces left behind is always in the best interests of a small business.

Additional Authentication

Password protection can always be compromised in some way and that is why more companies are taking the time to install a two factor authentication system. This allows the business to add an extra layer to their protection and ensures a far greater level of data safety.

Treat Employees Well

In many instances, a data breach takes place because an employee who had access to the information decides that they should leak it to the world. Avoiding disgruntled employees is a great way to make sure that problems like these do not occur.