How To Protect Your Company From Bluesnarfing

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Bluetooth has become a necessary tool to look out for when choosing an electronic mobile gadget to purchase. Whether the electronic gadget is a laptop, a mobile phone or a headset, Bluetooth can offer the user a sense of convenience. For this reason, Bluetooth has become a common tool that is widely used. This technology while affording the user a sense of ease, can become a ticking time bomb in the hands of criminals. Bearing this in mind, the following are things you need to equip yourself with so as to be able to avoid these criminals when using your Bluetooth device.

In 2013, Google had to pay the sum of 7 million dollars for gathering information without permission as a settlement. Stealing information might not have been what they set out to do, but they were accused of bluesnarfing. This is a term that is not new to hackers.

Bluesnarfing is a process where mobile electronic gadgets are accessed through Bluetooth connection and used to steal data. This is most common with smartphone and laptops. The hackers use apps that are able to find devices that have their Bluetooth permanently on and visible to all. These criminals are able to access mobile devices within a range of 300ft without the knowledge of the owners. They can take anything on the device once they have gained access.

The following are ways in which you can stop yourself from falling victim to bluesnarfing:

Without your Bluetooth device being on and visible to all, they can never gain access. Therefore, endeavor always to turn off your Bluetooth device when it is not in use.

When your Bluetooth is on, ensure that it is in the “nondiscoverable” or “not visible” mode. If it is set to the not visible mode, the hackers will not be able to detect it.

Always use a PIN that has more than seven characters, this increases the odds of hacking the PIN and makes it incredibly difficult for them.

Do not accept any request to pair with strange devices. Such requests are usually from hackers that are within your device vicinity.

Set your phone such that it requires your approval for all request to connect. If it requires your approval each time, you will be able to detect strange devices and prevent their connection.

Ensure that when in public or open places, you do not pair your device for the first time.

The concept of bluesnarfing isn’t new and can still be used to wreak havoc in the hands of cyber criminals when granted such opportunity. To know more about how to stop these criminals from gaining access to your devices, call us, and we will arm you with all the required information.