How To Stay Safe In A World Of Escalating Cyber Attacks

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Kaspersky researchers have recorded over 44,000 attacks in about 99 countries, which includes Russia, Uk, Ukraine, China, India, Egypt, and Italy. Major companies including Law firms, health service providers, and telecommunication firms were infected. This is according to a report by a security research company, Malware Hunter Team.

Last Friday evening, a ransomware was simultaneously spreading through South America and the United States of America. Although, Russia and Europe remained the most concentrated. The Russian interior minister said that over 9000 computers have already been affected.

Mr Markus Jakobsson, a chief scientist in the a security firm Agari, confirmed that the attacks were ‘scattershot’ and targeted. He also stated that it is a very widespread attack that wasn’t meant for just large institutions. It was for anyone who got it. Ransomware is a kind of malware that just encrypts a user’s database after which, the creator will make demands in exchange for unlocking it. This attack uses a malicious software known as “wanacrypto 2.0” or WannaCry, which exploits vulnerabilities in Windows.

A local information tech consultant said it doesn’t take a genius anymore to become a hacker. That is one of the reasons we are having a constant increase in the number of these so-called hackers always trying to gain access to so much information online. “The hackers of the medieval age are all out there. They are people who are not so educated that can afford the tools required to do all this hacking,” as reported by Jeff Dirks, president of Dirks Group.

Cybercrime/attacks are on the increase, and no industry is been exempted from the target, not even the health providers or law firm. There has been, in recent years, a rise in cyber-attacks on law firms and as a result, companies providing legal IT support for law firms are beginning to suggest more preventive means of curbing the menace.

As the owner of a law firm, protecting your company from potential cyber attacks should be one of your first priorities. Prevention is always better than treatment. It’s even easier for a legal IT support or a team for IT support for medical practices to figure out ways for preventing these breaches instead of spending time in finding loopholes after these attacks.

An IT support for medical practices will ensure that all components relating to your Network are in agreement with your management and clinical software systems, legal guidelines and medical devices. A Medical IT support team’s focus is to design an efficient and fast IT network to meet those requirements of practitioners at every point of need. It also involves commitments to providing IT maintenance and support, ensuring that they are continually operating safely, efficiently and free from cyber hacks.

The most frequent threat to many law firms in the present day is email phishing. It involves the use of bogus emails to direct firms to a compromised website where the cyber criminal tries to access their system and get hold of client information. There is also a possibility of internal threat caused by activities by your staff. So, it is imperative that you invest in a team for IT support for law firms.