The Importance of Cloud Data Backup Storage for Your Business

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As companies deal with the ever increasing amount of information being generated each day, the face one daunting fact: with no data, they don’t have any business. This is why it’s so crucial for cloud-data-backupany business to have modern and dependable systems in place to protect valuable business information.

A recent research study conducted by Spiceworks found that data protection still remained a major challenge for small to medium sized enterprises. The study noted that 60% of small to medium sized businesses preferred backing up their data using direct attached storage, with 56% of not having any plans to migrate to cloud data backup. Data is however considered to be the most valuable asset of a company. In fact 45% of respondents stated their businesses had experienced data loss with 14% not being able to restore their lost information. A different study by FEMA noted that over 40% of companies never reopen after a disaster.

Many organizations are already implementing cloud data backup, and for a very good reason as there are tons of security, economic and technical benefits. The inception of cloud data storage has given businesses and individuals the opportunity to backup crucial data for retrieval after data loss or in the event of some disaster.

The following are some benefits businesses can enjoy with cloud data backup and disaster recovery:

  • Better data protection – cloud data backup ensures that your data is protected and recoverable. With security practices and industry leading encryption, cloud based is very secure. Don’t believe all the hype about cloud being not as secure, it’s not true.
  • Access anywhere, anytime – with cloud-based data, people can access their data from anywhere and anytime so as long as they have an internet connection. They can even access it from their computers, smartphones and tablets. There’s no need to move around with valuable company files when you can view them from a remote location.
  • Off-Site – It’s critical for business data to be backed offsite. If data is backed up on local servers, floods, a hurricane, theft or fire could destroy the computers alongside the data. When files are backed up on the cloud they are safe no matter what disaster engulfs your office.
  • Easy to use – Cloud based solutions tend to be easy to use and they are web-based interfaces. At most, they will require light agent on devices to sync data to the cloud so you don’t have any maintenance issues.
  • Low energy consumption – with cloud based backup, you don’t need large server rooms, which saves you power and energy bills. If your organization has a Green initiative, this will be a great way to cut carbon footprint and energy use by leveraging an established cloud vendor.
  • Rapid implementation – fast deployment in just minutes with configuration wizards and setup.

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