The Importance Of Google Search Trends

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One of the finest and most adaptable tools that have now been readily made available for SEO is Google Trends. As long as developing an internet marketing campaign is concerned, its marketing effectiveness is comparable the Swiss Army knife or the Leatherman. This product would be a serious contender for you to use as an SEO tool f you are looking to develop an effective internet marketing campaign.

How to use Google Trends

There are four available options for setting parameters or variables when conducting a search on Google Trends. By defaultcomputer-support-west-palm-beach

  • Web search can be changed to news search, image search, YouTube search or product search
  •  You have the option to choose a specific country from a worldwide list.
  •  You can also select a specific date. From 2004 to present some other features include – 12 Months, 90 Days, 30 Days or past 7 Days.
  •  You can make or limit your search to a particular category including Finance, Autos & Vehicles, Arts & Entertainment, Books & Literature, Computers & Electronics, Food & Drink, Business & Industrial, and Games.

With over 25 search terms available in each grouping, about five search terms or groupings can be compared at a single time. For instance, you can search for the following items at a go.

  •    eraser + paper clip (grouping 1)
  •    stapler + tape + notebook + ruler (grouping 2)
  •    pen + pencil + paper (grouping 3)

It is important to use the plus (+) sign in-between your search terms as it is a good way of making your intentions known to Google indicating that you are including searches for paper or pencil or pen. Also, Top Charts and Hot Searches are displayed in Google Trends. Google lists popular searches as well as other top searches of the day by category. Although it is good to have all of this data, it is, however, even better to know how to use them.

Keyword Research

It is recommended to use Google trends with the Keyword Planner as it does not give actual search numbers. Over time, a relative level of interest for a prospective keyword phrase will be shown on Google Trends. This helps to compare the level of interest among potential target phrases. Since fall 2010, product searches have experienced drastic increase. Although the interest is obviously present, there is need for a competitive analysis before taking a leap into any space.

News Jacking

Suddenly, News Jacking has become all the rage in SEO. It is regarded as the process by which angles or ideas are injected into breaking news, in real-time. In fact, it has proven to be a great way of generating media coverage for both yourself and your business. This can be done by selecting a trending topic and blogging about it. Established hashtag can be used to tweet it.