The Importance Of Dedicated It Support For Small Businesses

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Running a small business requires a lot of prudence in spending and a well-structured standard operational procedure to excel. Time and again, studies have indicated that small businesses don’t employ IT staff; obviously in a bid to keep their overhead cost at minimal. Big businesses on the other hand spend heavily on IT upgrade and maintenance, as they realize how important it is to have an efficient technological operation in place.

In some cases, small businesses utilize other staff with expertise in another field to be in charge of their IT ‘department’. This often leads to low productivity, poor professionalism and exposure to security threats caused by wrong diagnosis, wrong networking of gadgets among other factors that expose small business to technological risks.

The adverse effect of poor IT support leads to a lot of issues for small businesses, some of which is direct and some of which happens as a resultant effect.

Decreased Productivity: this is one of the main effects of poor IT support for a small business, especially the ones who base their operation on these technologies. The effects of any fault and the gap that will be created when a staff member who is supposed to be doing something else has to attend to IT issues can also lead to poor productivity.

Poor reputation: This can eventually lead to decreased patronage and may eventually kill a business. As a small business, it is important to have a reputation for excellence and not excuses. Incessant or sudden issues with IT can lead to halting of operations which may have a direct adverse effect on the reputation of the brand.

Security: Especially when it comes to protection of delicate files and exposure to the internet, the security strength of a business is really put to the test. Security threats can come in various forms like hacking, data theft, network interruption, data loss and other forms.

As you will agree, there is no perfect machine and as such, there is always a probability of something going wrong at any point in time. Bigger businesses have enough infrastructural might and personnel capacity or computer network support to handle most of these issues, but it’s not the same for small companies. There are hundreds of problems that could arise, like: a server crashing, a missing computer on the network, email going offline, website being hacked among other possible types of malfunction that will require the service of a computer support personnel.

Without doubt, outsourcing is the way to go in the 21st century business climate, since it is a very efficient method of bringing down over-head cost down and driving profit up. However, outsourcing in terms of computer network support can take different forms and imply several forms of arrangements. There are numerous computer support arrangements from per hour payment arrangements to contractual (monthly or yearly).

In most cases, small businesses usually either dedicate staff who they feel is knowledgeable enough or pay through their nose to hire IT personnel who will charge on an hourly basis every time there is a problem, while neglecting the third option of a managed IT services. Managed IT services often offer a contact based agreement that means they are at your service any time you require their service and since they will be in charge for a long term, they are likely to spend less time detecting faults, servicing or repairing your IT gadgets. Any serious business should have a preventive and protective plan for their IT support, to make sure their operations run smoothly and hassle free.