The Importance Of Having Policies And Procedures For Computer Networking

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The policies and procedures of an organization are the central repositories where mission statements, culture, corporate philosophy are enshrined. The policies and procedures would define the parameters that the company would operate. However, the scope of such policies and procedures will be determined by the size and nature of the company. The advantages of having policies and procedures are nevertheless irrefutable. More so, as it concerns computer networking, the importance are enormous, especially in this era of globalization which computer networking plays a major role.

A well-drafted policy and procedure regarding computer networking must include templates and the standards that tend to eliminate the existence of the networking company. The policies and procedures should attempt to define a workable solution that will provide a good working environment. It should address the following concerns;

  • Avoid waste or using the resources of the organization inappropriately.
  • Reduce or eliminate legal liability, either from a third party or from the employee.
  • Protect valuable company information from being disclosed or unauthorized access.
  • It should also address the guidelines regarding behaviors that are acceptable and not acceptable.
  • Which employee has the right to do a particular function?

Having gotten all these concerns embedded in the company’s policy and procedure, it would be worthy of note to state that these policies should be in black and white.

Below are some of the importance of policies and procedures in computer networking;

  1. Let the employees understand what the company expects from them and also what they should expect from the company.
  1. The employees have a better understanding of their job constraint without applying the trial and error approach first.
  1. It enables the workforce to understand the responsibility of an individual and the entire team of staff. With this understanding, everyone is working on the same page.
  1. it sought of sends a message to the entire workforce that the networking company cares and wants them to be successful at their job.
  1. The policies and procedures would let the computer network support specialist know when to carry out certain functions like, analyze, test, and troubleshoot the network when necessary.
  1. The policies and procedures should be written in a simple and clear language. The court applies the common person standard when trying to interpret the policies as stated. It should be written to the understanding of a third party.

If your company is engaged in the business of computer networking, then ensure that you have put in place policies and procedures that would enable you to reduce the burden of employee management. The computer support of a networking company is also very important and should be considered when drafting such policies and procedures.