Informed Delivery By The USPS: Is It A Good Idea?

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The global advancement in technology has equally led to a corresponding increase in the number of cyber thefts encountered daily. This continuous rise in cyber theft has made everyone nervous and has become a major source of concern. For Law practices and other industries, cybersecurity and IT support have become a big issue. This is because the systems in Law firms are being hacked externally and critical information is stolen from them.

The U.S Postal Service added a new invention to their range of services. This involves sending scanned images of emails before they arrive. This will allow the recipient to know what emails they are expecting. Law firms are not allowed to use this service. This protects them from the attendant risk. However, individual Lawyers use this service.

The method used by USPS to verify new accounts has shown that hackers can abuse the service. The sign up just needs you to create a free account at USPS website. This requests for your name, address, and email. The final step requires that you answer knowledge-based authentication. After the authentication, you will see scanned images of your incoming emails.

This form of authentication is not reliable, and it can be exploited by hackers and used to know who you are communicating with. The emails sent to Law firms cannot be tracked because this service is not open to them. But the mails they send out to their clients can be tracked because most of their clients use this service. This, on its own, is not good for a law firm. Also, emails sent directly to a Lawyers home can be tracked.

The increase in cyber theft has made cybersecurity, and IT support a necessity in Law practice. If a Law firm is not properly protected, it could suffer many problems. They could lose cases because their opponents get to know sometimes about the case they are defending and It can make them lose credibility as an organization.

Law firms, however, can protect themselves by beefing up their cybersecurity and IT support. It just involves putting more money into it and hiring professionals to handle it. The USPS problem, however, has found a solution. For individual Lawyers, UDPS has made some modifications to its service and plans to implement more stringent authentication methods. This would help provide some privacy and protection

Cybersecurity and IT support for Law practices have become a big issue as these firms carry a lot of personal information of their clients. A breach in their system would be catastrophic. But all this can be curbed by hiring an IT professional to handle all your security problems. Failure to protect your important files has its consequences. And the consequences are not that easy to bear. It is better to prevent these situations by taking preventive measures against them.