Instagram Still Deserves More Stronger Protection With Its New Security Tools

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compter-support-and-data-security-west-palm-beachIn a bid to protect users’ accounts against the wiles of internet hackers, Instagram recently announced that it is on the verge of releasing some new security tools. These new security options are aimed at providing support for third-party authentication applications as revealed by the Facebook-own social network on Tuesday. These security measures are established to curtail the increasing menace of cyber threats. But despite being seen as a welcome development, it is, however, sad to know that this new security offering does little or nothing to prevent cybercriminals from hijacking a mobile user’s phone number.

Before now, security experts providing IT computer support in Boca Raton have been aware of the tricky acts of these thieves aimed at commandeering Instagram users’ accounts through the exploitation of weak authentication. While Instagram has shown real concern over the issue by offering its users the security option of having a one-time code sent to their mobile device via SMS, this hasn’t proffered any meaningful solution as there are several ways these codes can still be intercepted.

Now, with the new authentication offering, Instagram users will be required to make use of third-party apps like Google Authenticator or Authy Duo to generate a one-time code which they will need to input after supplying a password. According to the social media network, the global community will find support for third-party authenticator apps in the coming weeks when these rollouts will be available.

With the third-party app, Instagram users can receive a one-time code to access their account. Just so you know, this process cannot be completed without requiring a confirmation code from the third party authentication app when made available. Also, a series of recovery codes will be made available of which users are expected to guard in a safe place in case they lose their device.

Nevertheless, many providers of IT computer support in Boca Raton are not relying on these new security measures. They simply believe that nothing in these new authentication offerings will change as even before now, fraudsters have succeeded in hijacking people’s mobile phone numbers despite having their SMS authentication fully turned on.

Cybercriminals have managed to find a way to intercept people’s password resent link even when sent via SMS. Usually, they’d trick the user’s mobile provider to transfer the phone number to an account or device they control. Through this means, hijackers can easily gain full control of their target’s Instagram account by resetting the password associated to it.

Basically, Instagram is encouraging its users to desist from using the SMS authentication and adopt the new third-party app for authentication. But how reliable can this be when there are still far better security options available? Instagram simply needs to do more to enable users to strengthen their login options.