The Story Of A DYI It Department Vs A Managed It Department:  A Parable

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Reggie is the lead in IT management at a popular West Palm Beach start up. As they grow, he is in charge in making sure that everything moves at a consistent pace, including making sure that it-computer-support-west-palm-beacheverybody is online, tuned in, and turned up. If one of the employees has a problem, they call Reggie, who delegates to his team of six.

All in all, Reggie is pretty good at his job, but he has one fatal flaw that – by the end of this article – will make the reader nod and agree that there are better avenues in which to deal with similar problems and situations.

Reggie actually set up his company’s IT department himself, having some limited computer networking experience. The only problem was simple: he; like the owner, were die hard do it yourself aficionados, opting to save as much money as possible by making the foundation of the IT department a DIY project.

While there’s nothing wrong with being a DIY enthusiast, Reggie had the misfortune of thinking all projects he dedicated to such an endeavor was as simple as some of the things he had done in the past, even despite failures. Replacing the PCV pipes in building’s bathrooms and common areas? Success. Attempting to rewire the junction box? Well, he was the proud owner of the disdain of the fire marshal.

What Reggie never factored into was proper IT management. In managed IT services in West Palm Beach, companies host all sorts of features that he’d never really given much thought to, such as cloud management, and how to achieve platform optimization. Had he known that, he could have saved the IT department quite a bit of money when it came to having not only virtually unlimited space to hold their projects, plans, correspondence indefinitely.

He would have also learned that in managed IT services in West Palm Beach, not only did providers help managed cloud computing, but also a sophisticated cyber security regiment in which the same team ensured compliancy as well 24/7 monitoring and protection. If he’d known that, Reggie might have gone with professionals, but instead is dealing with a hack that not only compromised many of the company’s clients, but confidential information as well.

He would have learned that in managed IT services, they could help him develop apps for both the company website and for mobile applications, giving the company far more notice and open more avenues for potential clients, customers, and potential investors. Instead, Reggie has his number two; Wesley, working longer hours on a website with no visibility, and paying for overtime, which is not only making Wesley unhappy, but the owner as well. Why? Because Wesley knows what a managed IT service unit could be, and the owner has no clue whatsoever.

30 days later: meet Wesley. He’s Reggie’s replacement, and uses a company that ensures he has managed IT services in West Palm Beach. Yes, he also likes DIY, but also knows when to do something, and when to leave it to the professionals.