Are Collaborative Solutions Going To Continue To Fall Short?

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While there are some vendors out there that are not ready to confront the realities of the current marketplace, the top healthcare IT decision makers must prepare to ask themselves an important question. Now that collaborative spaces have begun to evolve more quickly, businesses and vendors find themselves struggling to get on the same page.

Businesses are typically unwilling to focus on one particular collaborative flavor. In order to maintain the proper level of productivity, multiple offerings are often necessary. Now that we are long past the days of purchasing phone systems, it is imperative for IT Support for Healthcare professionals to remain open minded during the decision making process.people-working-it-support-for-healthcare-practices

The Main Healthcare IT Takeaways From The Slack Frontiers Conference

The Slack conversation [] has been going on for some time now. While much ink has been spilled about the difference between Slack and more conventional offerings, it can be difficult to make a true like for like comparison.

Slack’s approach to these issues is simply not the same and their yearly conference [] allows healthcare professionals to learn more about the common issues that users are experiencing. For example, workers have continued to lodge complaints regarding unclear communication.

Even with the use of collaborative services, everyone is still not on the same page. Some employees are kept out of the loop and team members are struggling to understand their responsibilities. In addition to these pressing concerns, information is not making its way to the right personnel.

What Do These Users Desire?

The desires of the user are rather simple. They are in search of better methods of communication. The collaborative solutions that they desire allow them to trust their colleagues more and provide the necessary clarity when it comes to the responsibilities of other team members. By fostering an environment where there is more agreement regarding project outcomes, team members are able to get along on a personal level more easily.

What Does The Future Hold?

Businesses face very real challenges in the years to come. It is important to remember that many workplaces face certain issues that are far more deeply rooted than we may realize. Even a top notch platform would be doomed to failure if it were being implemented in a workplace that lacked a management team with the foresight to make necessary personnel changes.

It is important for the business to think of the problems that they wish to solve before meeting a vendor. How do the vendor’s values align with your own? Workers are not going to be wowed by the technological advances that the vendor has made. All they desire are the tools that they need in order to work well in tandem with others….without any disruption in communication.