Slack Is Monitoring The Growing Enterprise Chat Dominance Of Microsoft

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In the world of healthcare IT, real time chat applications are an invaluable tool. These applications are a ubiquitous aspect of any modern workplace []. Chat bots give IT Support for Healthcare the chance to avoid spam e-mails and ensure that they are able to send key messages at a moment’s notice.

E-mail will always remain important but more and more companies are looking to make the switch to real time chats. In 2016, Skype for Business was the primary app that was being used. In 2018, the findings are not the same. A major shift has occurred that is being monitored by all of the big dogs.

Skype for Business is still the leader but Microsoft Teams is closing the gap quickly. Slack usage continues to grow and they are monitoring these developments as well. The applications are growing in usage across the country and across all sectors, hence the fervor from these major companies.

IT Support for Healthcare:Chat Dominance Of Microsoft

Why Are These Apps Popular In IT Support for Healthcare?

When it comes to the growing popularity of Microsoft Teams, there are a few reasons to discuss. For starters, Microsoft Teams is offered to users for free. If your medical facility uses Microsoft Office 365 software, Microsoft Teams is also provided, free of charge. Since it is widely used in most business contexts, medical facilities can now enjoy the same benefits.

For their part, Slack has been defining their place in the market by maintaining a certain ‘cool kid’ cachet. Its functionality is more limited than Microsoft Teams, though. This makes it a difficult choice for IT staffs in the healthcare field. Slack is going to fall further behind, especially without a readily accessible free version that provides all of the same benefits as the paid model.

Is Chat Going To Threaten E-Mail?

IT professionals who have been asked about this topic have been quick to note that real time chat applications cannot successfully replace e-mail in its entirety. Chat should never function as a primary form of communication for those who work in the medical field. It is meant to serve as a supplement to e-mail conversation and not a full fledged replacement.

A client who is looking to send crucial message or files is not going to want to do so with the usage of an instant message system. Microsoft Teams is poised to continue to grow in 2019 and beyond. However, that does not mean that healthcare facilities are going to be replacing their e-mail contact protocols with chat bots.

Slack is not about to sit back and allow Microsoft Teams to take over, either. In 2019, they are planning to unveil their first initial public offering. This is the first step of their plan to fight back against the dominance that Microsoft Teams seems poised to eventually establish.