How Healthcare Providers Can Secure Their Websites

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The rate of cyber attacks has increased tremendously in recent times and the trend is not likely to change anytime soon. So, healthcare providers need to step up the security of the website to protect their patients’ data.

If the database of any healthcare provider gets hacked, it is not likely that they will survive it. If the financial loss doesn’t bury the company, the litany of law suits from patients will. Here are some of the ways IT support for healthcare can help make the websites of their clients secure.


IT Support for Healthcare Can Switch The Clients to Full HTTPS

Hitherto, only the payment area of many websites use a combination of SSL certificate and HTTPS but right now, it has become necessary for Healthcare IT providers to implement HTTPS on the entire website of their clients. This will help to boost the security on the sites.

Implement Alerts for Suspicious Charges

There are security applications that will decline a payment and alert the retailer or service provider of any suspicious transactions. For instance, when the shipping and billing addresses don’t match or when there is mismatched credit card user information, the payment will not only be declined to save the card owner, the service provider will be alerted immediately too.

Strong Passwords Must Be Used

You should ensure that only strong passwords that are difficult to guess are accepted in your system. You can make it mandatory for all your patients to use passwords that contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, and at least one special character like comma (,) , hyphen (-), or asterisk (*).

In addition, passwords should be changed every three months. This will not only secure your website, it will also make your patients’ password very difficult to guess.

Select Only a Secure Hosting Service Provider

You can get your website hosted by only a host that offers a multi-layered security facilities. This is will offer at least more security than other hosting providers that do not use the facilities.

Make Use of Advanced Cyber Security Tools

There are several cyber security tools and many more will still emerge. You can test a few of them and stick to the one that works best for you. Some of the tools are GNU Privacy Guard, SSL Certifications, and IBM QRadar Advisor.

Back Up Your Data Regularly

It is already bad for your website or database to be hacked but it can be worse when your vital data is not backed up. Imagine being told that the file that has patients’ health records is now corrupt and many of your patients are currently on different medications, where will you start from? This why you must ensure that your data is regularly backed up.

Choose Only Experienced Payment Gateway Service Provider

Protecting your customers’ data is not what you can achieve alone. You must also synergize with the provider of your payment gateway and only the ones that have been operating for a long time will have the experience and tool to protect you and your customers.

Protecting your customers’ data is an ongoing race because cyber criminals don’t rest on their oars. They are constantly looking for loopholes. You must be several steps ahead of them always.