Self Driving Vehicles Continue To Advance. Will This Be A Viable Solution For Immobile Seniors?

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IT Healthcare Professionals are watching the latest advances being made with self driving vehicles and paying very close attention. Americans have long been fascinated with this technology self-driving-vehicle-healthcare-it-supportand understandably so. Why wouldn’t someone want to get rid of the annoyance of an incredibly tedious daily task?

There is another key question that needs to be answered first, though.

What Do  IT Healthcare Professionals Need To Know?

Various retirement communities are already embracing the rise of these vehicles []. Why spend your twilight years navigating the open road when a vehicle can do it for you? Car manufacturers are also following suit and ramping up their production schedules when it it comes to the self driving vehicle.

Ultimately, the main objective is a simple one: to keep accidents from taking place. Senior drivers are prone to accidents and this causes more work for healthcare providers. While the safety aspect of the discussion is an important one, there is one area that definitely needs to be addressed.

Improving a Senior’s Quality of Life

Seniors are widely considered to be the main group that will benefit from the use of self driving vehicles and for good reason. Their quality of life is expected to get a major boost. This stands in sharp contrast with a recent AAA survey, wherein three out of every four respondents said they would be afraid to ride in such a vehicle [].

The senior’s level of mobility is increased significantly. These vehicles also reduce the financial burden that is associated with vehicle ownership. This is more than enough to convince a senior to make the switch. Immobility has a way of making people reconsider decisions that they may have been fearful of in the past.

The impact that aging has on a person’s finances cannot be understated. Auto insurance tends to be far more costly for a senior and this can keep them from maintaining the proper level of mobility going forward. By reducing the risks that seniors experience, they are able to lower their auto insurance and their health insurance payments.

What About The Roadblocks?

Before seniors can start to use self driving cars and decrease their medical expenses, there are a few roadblocks that need to be cleared first. Each of these cars requires a sizable amount of data to operate as needed. As soon as the 5G network is unveiled, many of these issues are expected to become a thing of the past. Senior healthcare will never be the same.

It is simply a question of “when” at this point and not “if”. Seniors who are able to avoid cumbersome medical expenses and increase their mobility (while maintaining independence) will be able to enjoy a greater quality of life than ever before.