What Are Citizen Analysts And How Can They Improve Your Organization?

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There was a time when data silos and teams of data analysts and IT Support for Healthcare staff were a common sight. Currently, these are a thing of the past. Today, it is important that businesses incorporate accurate analysis of the process of making a decision. This is where the Citizen Analyst come into the picture.

What is a Citizen Analysts?

Citizen Analysts , which can also be termed as Citizen Data Scientists, describes a new breed of business users that employ advanced analytical tool and business intelligence gather and analyze data which are obtained from different data sources. This analysis can then be used to ascertain the cause of any problem, identify probable opportunities, find solutions to problems and share data which may facilitate business decisions.

IT Support for Healthcare: What are Citizen Analysts?

Citizens Analysts are not by definition data scientists, neither are they IT Support for Healthcare staff or professional analysts. Instead, they are regular individuals who hold different positions with a business organization and make use of data analysis to back up any decision that is made within their role in the business, team or responsibility.

Before the introduction of Citizens Analysis, business users often request data analysis or reports from IT professional or an analyst with analytical requirements and defined report. The result would then be generated, after a while, through data extraction, transformation or analytical expertise.

Things are much different nowadays. Citizen Analysts can take advantage of self-serve business intelligence and advanced data discovery tools to generate analysis and reports in an interactive and flexible environment. The process is further aided by drag and drop capability, auto-recommendations and analysis that makes it suited for any particular purpose.

How can Citizen Analysts Improve Your Organization?

Citizen Analysts plays important roles in any organization. The introduction of ease of analysis and data integration in an organization allows business to cascade skill and knowledge, thereby making it much simpler for business users to fulfill the tasks expected of them, make reasonable decisions and perform expertly in a fast-paced business environment.

It enables business users to make use of self-serve advanced analytical and data discovery tools using drag and drop interface, without prior advanced skill requirement for algorithms, statistical analysis or technical knowledge. Users, therefore, have the opportunity to gather, integrate, analyze available data towards finding relevant trends and patterns. These findings can then be shared and applied to strategic, tactical activities.

With these tools, users can enjoy services beyond simple alerts and data monitoring and uncover subtle and relevant factors which would help them avoid taking wrong steps in projects, markets, and customer satisfaction.

With the help of self-serve BI tools, users can take advantage of a uniquely intelligent solution that helps identify patterns, highlights trends, and presents predictions. This way an organization can encourage and promote Citizen Analysts, thereby advancing the goals and objectives of the organization.

According to a report made available by Gartner, It is expected that through 2017, citizen data scientists will grow in number five times faster than highly skilled data scientists.