IT Support For Law Firm: How To Link Android Phones To Pc

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In a law firm where you use phones, tablets, personal computers and desktop computers, one thing is certain; you need the internet. It is convenient to use any of these gadgets interchangeably while browsing the internet. It would be nice to be able to start your work on your phone due to ease of access and finish it up on your PC at work without wasting any time. IT support for law practices is getting better by the day. With a standard support system, information can be shared flawlessly.

In 2016, according to a report published by Gartner, the Android Operating system had 81.7 percent of the worldwide smartphone share. Windows PC had 84 percent of the worldwide desktop operating system share. These two companies who hold the major share when it comes to smartphones and PCs are trying to increase IT support for law practices which will benefit the organization by aligning many of their features. This comes as no surprise as it would have a positive impact on both sides.

In the just released Windows 10 preview for PCs, users can try out some of these new aligned features. Among them are the Microsoft Apps that is a test application centered on sharing web browsing across devices. With this app, users can send website links from their Android phones to their Windows PC.

The Microsoft App is relatively easy to use as assessed from the preview. The user goes to the “settings” option of their Android phone and select the link your phone option. The user will receive an SMS on their Android phone that will instruct them on how to install the Microsoft Apps. Once this app is installed, the user needs to click on the “share” option and then the “Continue on PC” option to be able to share the lawfirm website information with the PC.

The user will be required to sign in with the same Microsoft account that they were using on their PC. They can choose to immediately start viewing the website by choosing the “Continue now” option, or they can choose to view it later by choosing the “Continue later” option. Clicking on the “Continue later” option saves the website in the action center of their computer.

This app and many more apps that have been aligned to be used with ease across Android and Windows are to be part of the Windows 10 Fall Creators update said to be released in September this year. Other features that can be expected from this alignment include the sharing of apps content between Windows PC and Android smartphones as well as being able to copy and paste contents from a universal clipboard.

With all these advances in IT support for law practices, firms are expected to enjoy a faster and more efficient experience.