Alibaba Cloud Is Looking To Take On Google Cloud, Aws And Azure

PC Network Solutions IT Support for Law Firms

In a move that is aimed towards expanding their European presence, Alibaba Cloud [] is opening two data centers in the United Kingdom. They are also looking to seizecloud-services-for-law-firms-west-palm-beach valuable market share as they aim to close the gap between themselves and their main competitors, Google Cloud and Azure.

Amazon Web Services is also firmly in the company’s cross hairs. Thanks to the addition of the new data centers, Alibaba Cloud’s [] number of availability zones has nearly tripled, going from 19 to 52. The company has previously established availability zones in Dubai and Frankfurt.

Because of their past experience in more large scale operations, Alibaba Cloud has a great deal of appeal when it comes to matters concerning IT support for law practices. Their e-commerce operations are currently flourishing. Over 300,000 e-commerce transactions are handled by Alibaba Cloud each second. This has a crucial effect on the cloud provision future of law firms all around the globe.

What Does This Mean For IT Support For Law Firms?

Data juggling capability is always important to law practices. With so much information to account for and no margin for error, law firms must consider every possible variable when making decisions of this magnitude. The recent moves that have been made by Alibaba Cloud show that the company is heavily invested in its own future and bodes well for partnerships of this nature.

Disaster recovery services will be used at the London location. This is big news for IT support for law practices. Even if some sort of malfunction is to take place, the firm’s information remains protected. Big data analytics, application services and storage capabilities are also offered.

Alibaba Cloud is also a company of interest to law firms because of their willingness to offer multi cloud solutions. If a service failure occurs, the law firm experiences no ill effects. They are able to enjoy the advantages of having multiple service providers while remaining locked in with one single vendor.

A Final Word On The Cloud Battleground

Amazon and Alibaba are engaged in a struggle that is centered around the cloud battle. Amazon is currently quadrupling Alibaba’s global sales. However, this difference is not reflected in the profits that each company enjoy within the cloud sector. Alibaba’s $10 billion in profit dwarfs Amazon Web Services’ $3 billion profit and Alibaba’s reach is only going to continue to expand.

Alibaba’s ability to expand their cloud offerings can serve as a valuable method for increasing their reach in other markets. Meanwhile, Amazon is looking to diversify their revenue streams. Their ability to build on their cloud offering profits will play a major role in their future level of success. Cloud provision will also continue to be a key point of focus for any company that is involved in the technology business….including law firms.