A Helpful Primer On California’s New IoT Security Law

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When IT support for law firms plan for the year to come, those who are responsible for safeguarding California law practices will need to be fully aware of the recent changes that have been made. Now that there are new security laws have been passed regarding the usage of the Internet of Things, it is time to take a closer look at the effects that are going to take place.

How Do These Laws Effect IT Support For Law Firms?

Since California is the first state [https://goo.gl/2MgULX]
to pass such laws, it behooves IT support staff to remain as open minded as possible. The digital landscape has been transformed and will continue to evolve as other states get in on the act. These regulations are widely considered to be some of the most important to come in 2019 [https://goo.gl/amGDG4].

IoT devices are commandeered on a regular basis and IT Support for Law Firms must remain vigilant. There are numerous security flaws that need to be addressed. When law firm is exposed by these attacks, the resulting issues can be difficult to overcome. That is why preventive medicine is always the best choice in situations like these.

IT Support for Law Firms:New IoT Security Law

What Does This Law Mean Going Forward?

At the highest level, the law is designed to make sure that those who are responsible for manufacturing products that will be used for the Internet of Things are taking the proper precautions. The gadgets must be designed with the correct safety measures in place, so that crucial data is not exposed by nefarious hackers.

The device must remain protected from unauthorized access and the information within needs to be safeguarded. No modification or disclosure can take place without the express written consent of the law firm. A unique credential has to be created for any device that is being connected. The user is also required to establish new credentials when the device is booted up for initial usage.

Past devices have come equipped with credentials that are shockingly easy to bypass and the laws are designed to put a stop to these types of security issues. As the Internet of Things becomes a bigger part of our lives, our homes and cars will also need to remain secure. The law aims to eliminate these security threats and keep us safe, whether we are at home or on the job.

The law is believed to be a step in the right direction but it will take time to develop a comprehensive security plan. There are some researchers who feel that this law is merely a “baby step” and that further action needs to be taken. The new law is merely a way for legislators to establish a basic framework and additional laws are going to be passed in the future.