What Was The Amazon Response To The Chinese Hack?

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The recent China Amazon hack has been all over the news [https://goo.gl/LLzjjg] and for good reason. When Amazon first acquired Elemental, there were potential issues that the company was simply not aware of. Now, these issues have come home to roost. IT support for law firms must remain vigilant.

A number of major tech companies were affected. While the Elemental acquisition was initially blamed for what took place, Amazon executives are taking an unexpected approach to the hacks: total denial [https://goo.gl/TNKmiH] . The Elemental acquisition is being blamed for the hack but there is one key piece of information to remember:

Super Micro Computer Machines At Fault

When Amazon first issued their denial, they pointed to the fact that these machines all contain the same microchip. Since Super Micro just so happens to be the single largest supplier of motherboards on the planet, Amazon was looking to deflect the blame to their company instead. They also stated that their internal investigations of Elemental had come up clean.

How Is IT Support For Law Firms Affected?

It is worth noting that the Amazon audit of Elemental did uncover some issues that law firms should be aware of going forward. The microchips that were used for the hack may not have been embedded purposely but the Super Micro web application has experienced a few problems.

IT Support & Cyber Security for Law Firms

However, law firms should take solace in one key fact: the web application’s vulnerabilities have already been discussed and acknowledged. Previously released versions have allowed for the vulnerability to be disclosed and (hopefully) repaired. Customers have since been given instructions to download a different version of the application.

Law firms that wish to make sure that these concerns remain taken care of would do well to take a closer look at the 2017 research on the matter. A law firm that is looking to remain ahead of the game going forward will want to make sure that their firmware is updated on a regular basis.

It is important to note that no government intervention has taken place on the matter yet. Law firms cannot reasonably expect a government investigation and should proceed accordingly. Super Micro, for their part, is currently claiming that they did not know about any sort of malicious microchip on their motherboards until it was brought to their attention.

Are Attacks Likely In The Present Day?

The modern consumer can rest easy but that does not mean that they should ever forget to do their own research. The vulnerabilities that occurred before may be in the past now. On the other hand, law firms that want to remain ahead of the game should always stay on the cutting edge. Strict security measures must be put into place, so that counter attacks do not occur.