The Web Development Trends That Are Slated To Define 2019

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While much ink [] has already been spilled about the digital transformation trends that will come to define 2019,the best companies know how to keep themselves abreast of all the changes that are about to take place. There are a wide range of web development trends [] that need to be adhered to in the coming year.


We are here to let IT support for law firms know how these trends are going to affect them. Let’s take a closer look at the areas of note.

How These Trends Will Assist IT support for law firms

1. Mobile Driven Approaches

It is no secret that the modern audience is spending a great deal of time on their smartphones. That is why law firms must take a more mobile driven approach in 2019. Having a website that responds well to mobile browsing is one of the most important decisions that a law firm can make in the years to come.

2. Continued Evolution

Web design is never static by nature. It evolves continuously and the top law firms are able to remain in lockstep with the many changes that are being made. Movement based interfaces, bolder typography and websites with video based content are becoming more and more popular.

3. Frameworks That Utilize JavaScript

These frameworks have been trending all year and from the looks of it, they are certainly not going anywhere once the calendar has finally flipped to 2019. JavaScript are typically utilized by those who develop websites for law firms because of the many features and functions that are offered. A clean, responsive site without errors should always be the goal.

4. Progressive Web Applications

These apps allow a law firm to enjoy the usage of a web app that offers the same benefits and advantages that a mobile app can provide. An app that is used by a law firm should have maximum usability and provide the necessary responsiveness to a plethora of different clients. Apps that do not meet these specifications should not be used.

5. Chatbots

A chatbot is a key aspect of any law firm’s website. They allow clients to receive immediate answers to their important questions without having to use e-mail or make a phone call. A chatbot relies on artificial intelligence and functions as an extra agent at your law firm.

6. Static Website Generation

This is something that all law firms should already be aware and it will only take on added importance in 2019 and beyond. These generators are used to create a website that contains plain texts. From there,the texts are stored in various files and this is designed to make it easier for the law firm to handle their traffic. Many experts believe that these generators will be viewed as a major breakthrough one day.