A Closer Look At December’s Medical IT Support News

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IT support for Medical offices must remain on the cutting edge and there are a number of new developments that have taken place in the month of December. Let’s take a closer look at the monthly news wrap up and how each of these stories will affect IT management professionals.

IT support for Medical Offices News Wrap Up

Google Play Malware Downloads Increase

Google Play driving games were found to be full of malware [https://goo.gl/GnrYny]. 13 different gaming apps have been infected by the malware. To make matters worse, two of these apps ended up trending at the Google Store. This increased visibility led to hundreds of thousands of installations before Google finally had the chance to pull the plug.

No Midterm Election Tampering

In the wake of the allegations of election tampering in the last presidential election, the midterm elections were watched more closely than ever before. Fortunately, election officials found that no attempts were made at tampering with the midterms. On the eve of the election, Facebook even took the step of suspending several accounts believed to be involved in malicious activities.

IT Support for Medical Offices: December News

ISIS Propaganda Removed From Facebook

Facebook is now utilizing machine learning to remove ISIS propaganda from their website once and for all. Artificial intelligence was also utilized. Over 3 million pieces of propaganda that were related to AlQaeda and/or ISIS were taken down. This is all part of their crackdown on content that is related to terrorism.

Nigerian Cable Company Takes Blame For Chinese Routing

When Main One Cable Co. [https://goo.gl/CQDjgz] recently experienced a major fiasco, they took responsibility immediately. Google traffic was routed through Russia and China as a result of a glitch that took place after a network update. While there were some who believed that the”mistake” was actually intentional, the situation will be prevented in the future and no harm was done.

BlackBerry Spending Big on AI Cyber Security

The price tag? A whopping $1.4 billion. For those who work in the medical field and rely on BlackBerry technology, this information comes as a bit of surprise (but is still welcomed). BlackBerry shelled out the big bucks to purchase Cylance. The cyber security startup will be thwarting various threats with the use of artificial intelligence.

5G Spectrum Auctions Launched

The next generation network is on the horizon and we are closer than ever. Medical facilities will soon have the chance to enjoy 5G speeds and spectrum auctions have been launched by the The Federal Communications Commission. A memorandum was signed by President Trump that allows the Commerce Department to develop the proper long term comprehensive national spectrum strategy. This ensures that 5G will be implemented in the correct manner and the networks are currently in the development process.