Internet Facing Printers At Increased Risk Of Hacking Attacks

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IT support for legal practices have a number of concerns to address on a daily basis and Internet facing printers are one of them. Did you know that Internet facing printers are experiencing an increased volume of hacking attacks in recent years? Even bored teenagers can cause major issues [].

IT Support for Legal Practices: Printer Security

Printers were even hacked as a means of urging companies to subscribe to a popular YouTube channel []. While no one is sure about how severe these threats may be, IT support for legal practices are taking them very seriously.

Even Non Malicious Cause Problems For IT Support For Law Practices

A hack may not always appear to be malicious but that does not mean that it does not pose any problems for a law firm. For example,the aforementioned YouTube hackers were looking to increase the level of support for popular streamer PewDiePie. His fan base is rabid and they have spent money out of their own pockets to increase his number of subscribers.

All it took was one bored Twitter user to compromise the printers. A Twitter user who goes by the handle The Hacker Giraffe took responsibility for the PewDiePie-inspired hacks. He said that he was simply bored and looking for something to do. There was absolutely no malicious intent involved.

Virtuous Hacks Do Not Take Place

While some might read the aforementioned passage and breathe a sigh of relief, the reality is a simple one: virtuous hacking is not something that takes place. Hackers (like the one above) are always going to claim that they are only hacking because they are bored or because they are looking to prove a point when it comes to the vulnerability of the system.

Any campaign that is put together is going to have far reaching consequences. The hacks prove that actions need to be taken and that IT support staff need to be taking these concerns with the utmost level of seriousness.

Action Must Be Taken

These hacks are nothing new to those who have been watching the situation more closely over the past few years. One hack caused a bunch of printers to spit out photos of robots and the users were told that their printers were now under the control of a “robot network”.Another hacker used printers as a means of spreading white supremacy materials.

Trolls like these are not going anywhere any time soon.With breaches like these taking place, it is time for law firms to take action.After all, a law firm has far more important information to monitor. If a law firm does not take these hacks seriously, they could be left holding the bag after an embarrassing incident has already had the chance to take place.